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Hiring Freelance Graphic Designer

A good freelance graphic designer can combine art and technology to communicate your organization’s message in an effective and elegant way.

But with so many freelance graphic designers out there, it can be difficult to select the right one and we have listed the best practices you need to follow when looking to hire a freelance graphic designer for your project.

Make a Project Specification List

You need to specify the scope of the work. If you want to get a social media pages logo designed ( VitaminTalent/Hire-freelance-graphic-designer ), mention your exact requirement in the project specification list. When you have a specification list, you can articulate it clearly to the graphic designers you interview. This would help the designers see if they can meet your requirements and add value.

Check The Portfolio

A talented freelance graphic designer will not hesitate to showcase his/her past creations. The design portfolio is an important element to look into when you plan to hire a freelance graphic designer. The portfolio should highlight the designer’s work experience and samples of graphic designs that show the skills of the graphic designer. It should also have testimonials from their previous clients.

Studying the portfolio would give you a clear idea about the creative skills of the designer and determine if he/she is the right candidate for your project.

Set Clear Expectations

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Why Hiring Freelance Web Designers in Los Angeles is a Good Idea

Having a functional website is not enough to achieve success. Usability, design, appearance, and visibility are some of the important factors that should not be overlooked when designing a website.

You might be thinking there is no difference between hiring a web design agency or a freelancer. Here are some factors that show why hiring freelancers for website design is a good idea.


Besides direct salary costs, a web design agency might have overhead costs like rent of the premises, office maintenance costs, and several other costs. Web design agencies ( www.vitamintalent.com/Freelance-graphic-designer ) need to generate higher revenue to cover the costs and this is the reason they are more likely to charge a higher fee to their clients.

On the other hand, most freelancers are able to offer you lower costs as they do not have many overhead costs like web design agencies do. This allows them to pass on the savings to the clients in form of low costs.


Freelancers can take decisions faster and work faster on the project in comparison to a web design firm. At web design agencies, web designers only follow instructions passed on by their project manager. In many cases, project managers manage multiple projects at a time and this can result in delays in deliveries.


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