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Five Great Advantages of Hiring Digital Marketing Agency in China

Do you have any idea of Chinese digital market size? Well, as of 2017, the nation boasts 724+ million internet users (more than double the population of 327 million of the US), which is 96.4% of its total population. It counts the potential market size for internet marketing worth of 290.28 billion RMB out of which 61% goes to mobile ads ( adstochina.westwin.com/Digital-Marketing ), which is remarkably, 10 times more than that of 2014, and forecasted growth rate is 80% within 2019.

Isn’t it appearing gigantic and impressing for promising businessperson like you! Nevertheless, as your long time marketing buddy, you will no more find Google, Facebook, or YouTube in the unique topography of China due to banning. Chinese consumers typically recognize a company’s standing, reliability, and sustainability if it has presence in its largest Baidu advertising and search engine as well as partner with WeChat and Weibo, the fastest growing and top popular social media platforms in China. Thus, it makes sense to hire a well-distinguished qualified digital marketing agency in China that works together with you, being your trusted associate and guides to make your endeavor a success.

Benefits of Working with Digital Marketing Agency in China

Access the Valued Digital Sources

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Why Do Global Companies to SMEs Integrate WeChat Marketing to Go Digital in China

WeChat is an exclusive combination of Facebook and Whatsapp. Incorporated with plenty of global standard social media features into its single package, it aims to make its users daily living easy, relaxing, and social. Taking into account, its high popularity, from MNCs to small entrepreneurs have chosen WeChat marketing as their major market promotional tool. It has been proved beneficial for all classes of business people regardless of ( adstochina.westwin.com/WeChat-Marketing ), whether they target on China’s mass market or localized consumers.

Five Top Reasons to Incorporate WeChat Marketing in China

Whooping Audience Base

The greatest gain of social media platforms for marketers is reaching the mass in the easiest way faster than all parallel online marketing tools. By tapping the mass, you can reach your potential consumers and uniformly make them your valued business buyers. Consider, how powerful the platform is, with a user base over 560 million! With its ‘sharing moment’ feature, it enables users in sharing their opinion that comes handy when it comes to referral sales, the biggest advantage of social sites. It has the capacity to expand the sharing network through B2B, B2C, or C2C via marketing.

One Stop Solution

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Advantages of Using Metal Siding Panels in Buildings

Metal siding panels were once used on only in pre-engineered building. However, these parts are turning increasingly popular for residential and commercial buildings of all kinds. They can be used in a wide variety of ways, are easy to install, and have very good durability. Metal siding panels come in wide range of designs ( http://elitesteelandsupply.com/products-and-services/ ), making them suitable for diverse styles such as modern, traditional, and even industrial ones.  They also come in a wide variety of colors, enhancing the visual appeal of the buildings that they are used in. Using such panels in building have many advantages. Here are some important ones.

Long lasting

The initial cost of installing a metal siding panel maybe higher as compared to any other material. However, this one ranks higher on return on investments owing to its strength and toughness. Hence, it makes a better and more sensible choice for durability and longevity needs. Such panels, especially when made of steel, can withstand extreme weather conditions such as hurricane, hail, heavy ice, snow etc. It is also highly resistant to fire as well as wear and tear. When treated with proper coating, metal resist rusting and corrosion for a long time.

Reduced maintenance

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Email Archiving: The Best Email Feature You Never Use

Email archiving refers to the act of saving and protecting the data contained in the emails. It helps in fast retrieval of data in case of loss of data. The email archiving solutions ( Securence/Email-Archiving ) simply capture the data from the email content and stores in on magnetic disk. These messages have an easy searchable access to them. Email archiving is helpful to protect critical data. Email archiving ensures the safest way and most affordable way to store inbound and outbound messages. Email archiving is important in all business sectors, such as legal, accounting and financial services. It protects critical data and retains them for easy retrieval when the need arises.

The following are the benefits which makes email archiving very important:

1.  Storage requirements-

Email archive solutions use different techniques to reduce the amount of storage required. The compression techniques compress an email and its attachments before it is archived. It saves up to 50% of the storage area.

2.  Server performance improvement-

Moving the emails out of the live environment will help to improve the performance of your email server. The emails can be deleted from the main server once the archive process is complete.

3.  Simplified backup and restore procedure-

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Hosted Exchange - The Salient Features to Watch Out For!

Microsoft is the first providers of the hosted exchange email solutions. It forms an integral part to your businesses security system. Emails play a vital role in every business organization. Important and confidential data are exchanged online through a public or private network ( securence.com/solution/hosted-exchange ), and hence it is very important to establish security while using emails as a mode of communication to prevent unauthorized access and misuse of the data. When the Exchange server goes down, you need an alternative to keep the emails and business in continuity. Hosted exchange solutions are here to meet these challenges. The hosted exchange solutions come with the following features:

1.  It provides full exchange functionality- It helps to easily share contacts, calendar, public folders etc.

2.  The self administration tool- This feature is very helpful to create and manage users and the settings of the email server.

3.  Storage- It provides an unlimited storage capacity in your mailbox.

4.  Personalized email address- This feature allows you to create your own personal email address and not the name of the free webmail like Gmail. For instance you need not have an email addresses @gmail, with a hosted exchange solution. You can make use of your own website’s domain name.

5.  Large attachments- This hosted email solutions will allow you to send much larger email attachments compared to the free webmail allowances.

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Build and Implement an Effective Strategy for Your Business

You can convert your target audience into paying clients with the right marketing strategy. One of the most important digital marketing tools is search engine optimization. It is not only the manipulation of the search algorithms but it is a systematic approach which will ensure that your business features at the top of the search engine results. Most consumers tend to use the search engine to look for products and services that meet their requirements. It has been noted that the top results on the search engine get the maximum website clicks. Hence, if you want the consumer to visit your website ( http://www.brazosvalleymarketing.com/seo.html ), you need to remain at the top of the search engine results. Keep in mind that it is not possible to simply remain at the top by manipulating the algorithms; you need a specific approach which will show higher results. SEO expert in Houston can help you achieve your desired results by aiming the marketing strategy to the target audience. You need to identify the audience you want to convert into consumers and the digital marketing plan should be based accordingly.

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