August 7th, 2019

How Avoidance of Grease Trap Cleaning Service Can Toll on Your Business

As per international standard, a grease trap used in commercial kitchens or restaurants should be pumped once ¼ of its capacity to contain FOGS (Fats, Oils, Grease, and Solids) gets filled. Why 1/4th? – it’s because after crossing the volume almost all grease interceptors misplace their effectiveness to trap grease seamlessly resulting in the FOGs you are intended to keep out of the drainage pipes start escaping. Most awful issues that you face are blockage of the drainage system, overflowing sinks and sewer backup.

Have Expert’s Help to Determine Cleaning Cycle

While on average grease trap ( ) needs cleaning between 30-90 days, nonetheless it depends largely on the capacity of the interceptor you’ve, the amount of grease that your kitchen produces and undeniably the best practices followed by your staff working in the kitchen or dishwashing place, etc.

Therefore, it makes sense to get in touch with professional grease trap pumping service who comes to your place, evaluates the above factors with their long experience and accordingly facilitates you find out the frequency of your trap cleaning cycle. Accordingly, if you feel that the trapper requires to be pumped multiple times in a month, replacing the existing one with a bigger capacity can obviously lessen the cycle of pumping. But having it pumped by professionals should be in your priority list to avoid numerous messy factors that lead to business loss. Let’s us check those undesired issues.

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A Closer Look at the Advantages of Fax to Email Service

Today, a large number of documents are sent in digital format than paper files. Organizations are also adopting an environmentally friendly approach and moving towards a paperless office. Fax technology has also progressed from physical machines to internet-based fax service. Let’s look at 5 advantages of fax to email service.

1. Save Money

Every business wants to reduce operating costs and increase profits. When you use internet-based fax service you don’t have to pay for expensive hardware or office supplies like paper, toners, dedicated fax line, and ongoing maintenance. Web-based fax service can help you save considerably over the course of the financial year.

The cash that could have been spent on maintaining fax machines and purchasing office supplies can be channeled elsewhere.

2. Manage Your Documents Easily

Fax to email service ( ) stores your documents (sent and received) in a cloud-based storage system. You can access these important documents from any place, any time, and any device. All you need is a working Internet connection.

Faxes downloaded are easy to manage in comparison to paper documentation. There are reduced chances of losing important faxes. Even if you lose important fax (received), you always have the option to get the document again from your fax account.

3. Send Faxes While on the Move

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