August 13th, 2019

Why Invest in Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning?

And almost every commercial kitchen owner knows commercial grease trap cleaning ( DraneRanger/commercial-grease-trap-cleaning ) should be performed every three to four months, but still, you will find many restaurants facing issues with their grease traps and getting fined for not cleaning the grease trap on time. So, here in this post, we will discuss the importance of grease trap cleaning.

Avoid plumbing problems

Regular cleaning of grease trap help prevents plumbing issues. The main objective of restaurant grease traps is intended to separate the FOG and solid food particles from the wastewater. And over time, this FOG starts accumulating in the grease trap. If it is not removed, it can easily clog kitchen drain, inlet pipe, and outlet pipe, which may lead to backups, plumbing issues, overflowing grease traps and may lead to a plumbing emergency as well. Your kitchen sink may start overflow and plumbing fixtures begin to leak. Hence, timely cleaning of grease traps is necessary to avoid all these plumbing issues.

Avoid expensive repairs

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