September 11th, 2019

What is Lifecycle marketing and why does it matter?

What do the successful brands know? They understand that a customer is not something that you sell to once and then stop thinking about. Above all things in the marketing world, a brand that has been around for a while gets the concept a lifecycle marketing agency ( ) advocated. What is it, and why does it matter?

Lifecycle marketing is about the customer’s journey through the stages of their experience with the brand and back again to the beginning. In the simplest terms, it is a three-part journey, repeated. Attract, win, and impress. And then around again and again; attract, win, impress. A lifecycle marketing agency can help provide strategies to interest potential customers, but to then also turn those people who are just thinking, or just looking, into new customers. After that, it is a matter of keeping those customers happy so they become lifelong customers, bringing their friends with them and saying great things about your brand along the way.

LIfecycle marketing matters because a good lifecycle marketing strategy builds brand loyalty.


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Buy Tradelines – Four Common Takes of Buying Tradelines

Having a good credit history with FICO standardized score offers you multiple benefits like reasonably low-interest rates, faster approval of loans, low-interest premium or even to get your dream job and so on. Don’t feel surprised to know that more than 71 million Americans are struggling with poor credit, only because repairing your bad credit history or regaining score demands a lot of time, self-control, and positive mending actions. So, is there any way out that can help you perk up your credit score instantly? Yes, the simplest way is- buy tradelines ( ).

What is the tradeline? Have you heard of it before! If not reading this article is vital for you to understand the market buzz term ‘tradeline’ first

What are tradelines?

Tradelines are a common term used in credit market that implies the accounts listed on one’s credit report. Ranging from your credit cards, loans or mortgages that appear on your credit report are all separate tradelines. Thereby, you can be benefited if someone with high credit score and impressive credit history adds you as an AU or authorized user to his/her tradelines. In fact, it’s nothing but the concept of piggybacking which has been closely related to our social life whereas family members like parents adding son while spouses add them reciprocally to boost their credit score. But, what about you who don’t have such a buddy or someone not interested to bring money matters in relationship?

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