Using Cold Therapy for Healing Fatigued Muscles

Cold therapy is one of the best remedies to heal orthopedic injuries. However, other than healing serious wounds and injuries, cold therapy is also immensely helpful in soothing tired muscles. It is easy to use a cold therapy machine to provide healing to sore tissues ( IsoComforter/Cold-Therapy-Machine ) in your limbs, shoulder, back, or hips.

Cold Therapy for Sore Muscles

Cold therapy can provide relief from tired muscles by jumpstarting the body’s healing mechanism. When administered on a specific muscle, the cold temperature can temporarily stop nerve communication in that area. It then causes the body to begin healing the muscles immediately. You can administer cold therapy for healing sore muscles after intense workout sessions or after a tiring day at work.

Cold therapy is best delivered using machines instead of ice packs. With a machine, you can ensure that cold therapy is administered in the most efficient way possible. With machines, you also don’t need to worry about water dripping on your floor or clothes. You also don’t need to hold ice packs with one hand over your sore muscles or go through uncomfortable ice baths. Cold therapy also helps heal muscle soreness and pain without the need to pop painkillers for relief.

Using a Cold Therapy Machine

It is effortless to use a cold therapy machine. You can conveniently use one at home whenever you feel soreness in your muscles. You can use it as needed. However, one or two sessions of 15-20 minutes can be quite useful for providing relief from sore muscles. For regular use, it is imperative that you invest in a good quality machine for maximum convenience and ease while administering cold therapy at home.

For example, cold therapy machines from brands like IsoComforter are manufactured using advanced technology. The use of the patented Iso Tube technology in IsoComforter machines means that you can administer cold therapy safely without worrying about injuries from freezing temperature. The ridges in IsoComforter healing pads ensure that the temperature is always optimum for the skin. There are no mechanical controls to tinker with or the need to work the pump to get it started. Due to the incorporation of self-priming pumps in IsoComforter machines, there are no hassles for the users.

To use a cold therapy machine, you can just fill the tank with ice and water. Then wrap the healing pad around your sore muscles (for instance, around the calf or the shoulder). Now, you need to simply plug in the machine to start using it. You can sit back and relax while the cold therapy works on your sore muscles. With good quality machines like IsoComforter ( IsoComforter/Why-Cold-Therapy-Machine ), there are no hassles of constantly refilling the tank with ice. IsoComforter machines are also portable. So, you can carry your unit with you and use it whenever you find some time for administering cold therapy.

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