Tips to Reach a Committed CNC Machine Shop

While working with a reliable, high-tech and dedicated CNC machine shop has been a popular choice for fabricators, manufacturers, and OEM metal piece suppliers, the job of finding a consistent company has been challenging indeed. Simply having a CNC machine is not adequate to carry on the precision finishing of various objects, but equally, it requires skilled personnel, technological background, know-how aside from quality control and cutting-edge production management. In the process of hiring your CNC shop ( sun-glo/cnc-machining ), consider a few factors that can help you reach a consistent shop, ideal to meet your business needs.


Essentially, what you need to know is its CNC machining capabilities in terms of volume of production, types of machining jobs carry out, the standard of machines used which are critical to attaining metal finishing accuracy with high tolerance. 

Remember that your desired CNC machine shop should be equipped with a variety of CNC machines to meet your demand of grinding to lathing, punching to milling, or boring to fabrication and finishing. Talk to the shop owner and let him know the volume of your machining needs and also highlight the range of materials you deal with. Not all shops are equally fitted to work on materials ranging from stainless steel, castings, aluminum, brass, plastics to synthetic materials, which needs to be considered based on your present and future needs, given that, working with ‘one-stop’ shop is the best choice.


Aside from the expertise of the machine men, programmers, and technicians; for a CNC machine shop, having state-of-the-art equipments and technological advancements is essential to serve its customers. Have a visit to the machine section and research the types equipments and software used especially which is essential for your prototype items. Mind well, owner or manager of a professional machine shop should feel glad to take you inside the shop while production in running phase and demonstrate you different jobs performed in various CNC machines spread throughout the shop. Maintaining a well-equipped quality control department is a must-have business policy for any machine shop to ensure the exactness of components and parts sticking to client specs.

Parts Management and Delivery

Certified with ISO Standard, your CNC machine shop should boast quality management, standard, and consistency throughout the shop and in all its operations that make them different in the mass. Proper management of raw materials that are coming in from suppliers and systematic keeping of finished parts till they’re delivered to customers is imperative. The materials should be well packed as per clients need and much be delivered before the schedule. Confirm those factors before considering them as a dependable associate.

Continual Improvement

You must look for a CNC machine shop which has been fitted with ISO Certification. It’s an official recognition of the company to consider their standard to cater your supply needs to clients like aviation, aerospace, military services or medical device producers where maintaining correctness of products is most vital. Study the business policy and organizational culture of the group and ensure whether they are aimed to continual improvement of quality and services that helps you grow in-concert.

Market Report

Get the details of their list of clients whom they supply CNC machined finished products. Check several samples that have been developed by them for different companies. Knowing the reputability of the CNC machine shop in terms of its quality, services ( ), and commitment is essential. Get in touch with a few customers who have had opted services from them and know more about the company before considering them to work with.

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