All you need to know about Septic Tank Pumping

But still, the majority of the people do not pay attention to the septic tank pumping unless wastewater overflows into the drainfield, or drains get clogged. Definitely, this is neither good for the environment, nor for the economy.

All the wastewater of home gets collected in a septic tank through inlet drain which goes through biological decomposition ( ), and finally disposed of in the drainfield through outlet drain. This biological decomposition separates the liquid waste from the wastewater in the form of sludge and scum. And treated wastewater is disposed of safely into the ground.

The process of removing the sludge and scum formed in the septic tank is called septic tank pumping. A pump truck is used for removing all the solid waste that has been collected over years. A gully sucker pumps all the solid waste from the septic tank into the tank on the lorry. Clogged drains are also cleaned for proper drainage. This results into clean and empty septic tank which is aging ready to use.

Benefits of Septic Tank Pumping

Avoid Costly Repair

The main objective of cleaning a septic tank is to avoid costly repairs. Cleaning a septic tank will cost you around $200 to $300. On the other hand, repair of a failed septic system will cause you around $5000 to $10000. Also, septic tank needs to be cleaned about every 1-3 years. So obviously cleaning of your septic system seems to be a better deal than repairing damaged septic system.

Protect Environment and Keep you Healthy

If your septic tank is not cleaned for years, slowly, it starts creating antibacterial substances that kill the vital bacteria which decompose the liquid waste. Hence, it leads to the disposal of untreated wastewater from the septic tank. Improperly treated wastewater from tank contains virus, bacteria, and toxic chemicals which are no good for the environment as well as your health. It can contaminate the soil and groundwater and spread diseases. And when this highly toxic water ends up in the stream, it can cause serious health issues to animals, plants, and marine life. Timely septic tank cleaning can avoid all these environmental and health issues.

Increase Lifespan of Septic System

Cleaning your septic tank increases the lifespan of the septic tank. Over the period scum and sludge are accumulated in the tank which alters the working of bacteria. Clogged drains also increase the pressure on the septic system. Septic tank cleaning removes the solid waste from the septic system and reduces the burden on the septic tank ( ). It provides enough time for bacteria to decompose and improves the efficiency of the tank.

These are the key benefits of the septic tank pumping.

So if you have not cleaned your septic tank for last few years, do not wait for your tank to scream for cleaning. Get it inspected right now and prevent your septic system from the breakdown.

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