Debunking Five SEO myths

However, the fundamentals of SEO remain the same even though there is huge progression in the field.

You have got this wrong about SEO

1.  It is a trick: When people talk about SEO, it is natural for many to think that it is a kind of gimmick. It could be presented to you as a number of tricks designed to get the website at a higher rank over others ( ). This is only partially true. There is no deceiving the search algorithm of Google and there is no trick or game to reach the top. SEO is a systematic approach where you look for content that is most important to the users and provide it to them. This will help improve your rank in the search engine results.

2.  Keyword is all that matters: It is true that keywords play a huge role in ensuring that the website ranks higher in the search engine results. However, keyword ranking is not everything about SEO. There are a number of strategies and metrics which can be used to measure the success of a campaign and keyword is not the only thing that drives SEO.

3.  Google penalties are a threat : You need to know that the most server penalties from Google are a result of manual action. It is a behavior that most people know to stay away from. There are temporary drops in ranking and automatic penalties but they are less severe and more common. If you follow the best business practices, there is nothing you need to worry about.

4.  Lesser you spend on SEO, better it is :  This is a huge mistake. SEO is a cost effective strategy that gives a higher ROI. Many experts think that the best approach is to spend minimal on SEO to earn higher search rankings but this will not give you the results you expect. Low budget means amateur work, hence it is best to spend on better services and hire professionals who know what they are doing. Hire one of the best local SEO company in Houston and see your business grow. By spending on SEO, you are actually investing in your own business.

5.  SEO is complex : It is true for a first timer. SEO is complex and it could look intimidating at the start. However, once you understand the crux of SEO and see what it has to offer for your business, you will find it easy. It requires experience and constant updating of knowledge with regard to digital marketing.

If you have had any of these assumptions about SEO, you need to debunk them right away and accept SEO as a part of your business ( ). It is natural to have a skewed vision of SEO unless you actually see it work and see it deliver the results you expect. SEO is crucial for your business and it is here to stay.

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