Top Digital Marketing Trends in China

China: this is the market everyone wants a single pie. With a population of over 1.5 billion citizens, one’s target market should be here, even if someone have not yet explored. Numerous foreign and homegrown business firms bombard the consumers in China. Here we will throw some light about the digital marketing in China.

•  Research well – one can access the analytical tools available in China with a personal account. With your account, you can get all the details like location, customer spending, cross section of a particular brand’s search volume, etc. If one is looking to target particular marketplaces in popular areas ( ), then it’s better to open a store there rather spending your precious time in developing an eCommerce app. Gather information about spending level, hobbies, geographic location for understanding your target group and create stories that will lure the customers to engage with you.

•  Mobile –friendly – usage of mobile phones in China has been year after year. The digital marketing in China has huge potential if the marketers are tapping the mobile friendly users. Major companies here do a mammoth business, as the users are busy accessing the services through mobile. Top ecommerce and social media firms had millions of active accounts and the users operate on a daily basis.

•  Tapping into popular search engines and social media platforms- Popular social media platforms and search engines have launched numerous advertising products to target specific groups of people catering to their respective needs. Official accounts on these platforms can send videos, articles, games, etc and also interact with the followers as well as provide various services to the customers through the app. With correct implementation and consistent optimization, business people can boost traffic and achieve higher return of investment.

•  Video is the king – although there is email marketing but in the competitive digital space in China every page ranging from social media platform to communication tools, well-crafted videos are creating a lasting impression on the consumers. These pages get more clicks and also high conversion rates as the videos has a story which make the customers engage with a particular brand and they don’t forget that brand easily.

•  Online to Offline (O2O) - one must optimize the current trend O2O for successful digital marketing in China. Consumers are looking for new and innovative products online, select some products ( ), and visit directly to a showroom of a particular brand or a nearby store to get an on-hand experience of the product. The whole process can be digitally connected with various websites and communication tools that will save the consumers a lot of time. Some brands invite the consumers to visit their exhibitions by scanning a QR code from the brand’s web page and use the code as a guide in the exhibition to get more information about the brand.

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