How Cold Therapy Machines Help Heal Orthopedic Pain?

Cold therapy is quite beneficial for healing orthopedic pain that occurs due to injuries, surgeries, or even sore muscles. However, to get the best results from cold therapy, it is essential to administer it via devices specially designed for the purpose. A cold therapy machine helps in the efficient delivery of cold temperature over injuries ( IsoComforter/Cold-Therapy-Machine ); thereby, aiding speedy recovery of patients.

Cold Therapy and Problems with its Traditional Delivery Methods

Cold therapy is the use of freezing temperatures to heal pain and provide relief to patients. The cold temperature halts nerve communication in the area of application for some time, which in turn temporarily stops blood flow to that part as well. The body’s natural healing mechanisms then kick in providing relief from the pain. Without adequate blood supply, the swelling begins to reduce. When the swelling goes down, the pain also lessens.

Cold therapy has been administered traditionally using ice packs. Later, the use of frozen bags of peas or other vegetables found their way to deliver cold temperatures over injuries. However, these methods are not the best way to deliver cold therapy.

First, ice packs and vegetable bags can be irregular, which results in uneven delivery of cold therapy. Second, ice packs can melt and drip over surgical and open wounds; increasing the risk of infections. Melting ice bags can also create quite a mess on the floor or the bedding; making it inconvenient for patients to use cold therapy on a regular basis.

How Cold Therapy Machines Help

Cold therapy machines are designed to deliver freezing temperatures over injuries safely and efficiently. These machines consist of components such as a pump, tank, connecting tube, a healing pad, and an adapter. You need to fill the tank with ice and water and wrap the healing pad around the affected area. Then you need to switch on the machine, and the cold water begins to circulate from the tank to the healing pad.

Now, some machines such as those from brands like IsoComforter come with self-priming pumps; making it even easier to use the cold therapy units. IsoComforter machines are also designed using the patented Iso Tube technology for maximum effect. The healing pads in these machines consist of ridges to deliver cold temperature on the skin in a safe manner. The self-priming pump and the easy mechanisms make it effortless to use IsoComforter machines. Ease of use is important as it helps patients to use cold therapy in a consistent manner. When it comes to healing therapies ( IsoComforter/Why-Cold-Therapy-Machine ), consistency is crucial for them to really work well.

In essence, machines deliver cold therapy in the most efficient manner and help in the speedy recovery of orthopedic injuries. Swelling and pain both result after orthopedic surgeries and injuries. Unless the swelling reduces, the pain doesn’t go away. With cold therapy machines, you can reduce the swelling and eventually the pain quite remarkably.

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