What is an Ice Therapy Machine?

Ice therapy or cold therapy is nothing new. However, the way this traditional healing remedy can now be delivered has changed. You now have the option to use an ice therapy machine instead of inconvenient ice packs.

About Ice Therapy Machines

Ice therapy machines are devices to deliver ice or cold therapy. These machines are designed to provide cold therapy to the users optimally and efficiently.

Components and Mechanism –

An ice therapy machine consists of several parts such as a healing pad, a tube, a tank, and a pump. The tank is for storing ice and water. The pump circulates the cold water via the tube to the healing pad and back to the tank ( ). Machines from brands such as IsoComforter consist of self-priming pumps that require no mechanical efforts to start the water circulation. As you plug in the device, the water begins to circulate to the healing pad.

Design and Technology –

Different technologies are used to design ice therapy machines. For instance, IsoComforter makes ice therapy machines using the patented Iso Tube technology to ensure the utmost safety and comfort for the users. The healing pads in IsoComforter pads consist of ridges for efficient and safe delivery of freezing temperature over the injuries or the surgical wounds.

There are options available regarding the end use as well. You can buy portable machines or ones with multipurpose healing pads instead of pads for a specific body part such as the knee or the back. Those who require traveling often can invest in a portable unit to benefit from cold therapy without interruptions in their routine. It is easy to use portable machines in the car or anywhere else as per your convenience.

Benefits of Using Ice Therapy Machines

To maximize the benefits of ice therapy, it is important to administer it via machines rather than ice packs.

Ice packs are uneven and not really ideal for delivering cold therapy optimally. It is also inconvenient to use ice packs or even frozen vegetable packets for cold therapy. It is just not easy to hold the ice pack in place over the injury for 15-20 minutes at a time (often several times a day). The melting ice packs are not only messy but also pose a risk of infections when used over surgical or open wounds. For patients requiring long-term cold therapy ( ), a machine is the most convenient way to administer it. For most people, it is only feasible to continue with any therapy over a long period of time when it is convenient and easy to deliver or use.

With easy mechanisms and convenient use, patients can use ice therapy machines for continuous therapy. Cold therapy works best only when used consistently over a period of time. Use of machines has simplified the process of delivering ice therapy considerably. Ice therapy machines can easily be used in home settings after surgeries for patients’ speedier recovery.

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