Five Things to Look for in Chi Omega Apparel Store

But choosing the best Chi Omega apparel store is not an easy task. There are so many Greek apparel stores in both online and offline marketplace so that one can easily get confused which one to choose.

Today, we will look at the five things to look for in the Chi Omega apparel store which make your journey of finding the best Chi Omega apparel store easy. Let's start.

1. Licensing

There are many Greek apparel stores in the market which are not authorized to manufacture Greek apparel ( AdamBlockDesign/Chi-Omega ). Look for officially Greek licensed store. The major benefit of choosing the licensed vendor is that they know your sorority rules and every design is approved from your organization.

2. Experienced team

Sorority clothing is all about customization. Make sure Chi Omega apparel store you are interested in must have an experienced team of professional designers. The role of a professional designer is to work with sorority members to create unique designs. Every well-reputed store has design representatives who help sorority members design sorority apparel from scratch. A professional designer turns your dream designs into reality and creates designs that stand out from the ordinary.

3. Reputation

Use the internet wisely and check the reputation of the store. Check online reviews of the store. Check the website of the store and read the testimonial of the clients. Have a look at the gallery pictures on the website and read FAQs. It will answer your most of the doubts, and you will get a clear picture of the policies of the store. A well-reputed store has all the information on the website and has positive testimonials.

4. Turnaround time

This is the major factor in making the final decision. Ask about the turnaround time of the store. Is your vendor capable of delivering large orders on time? Usually, custom orders take 1-2 weeks to deliver because they are only produced on demand. If you need quick delivery, ask about rush orders. Make sure you choose a vendor that can meet your specific needs.

5. Cost

Last but not least; ask questions about the pricing of the apparel. Does your vendor offer discounts on bulk orders? What rewards your vendor offers? Will you get a loyalty discount? Usually, custom order costs more, but still, you can avail huge discounts on bulk orders ( ). Compare the prices and rewards offered by the best vendors in your area and make the final decision.

If you are planning to order Chi Omega apparel online, follow these five tips to choose the best Greek apparel store in your area.

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