Weibo Advertising: Your Ideal Social Media Channel

In view of the high business prospective of social media sites, for potential marketers planning to enter in the World’s largest market hub in China, Weibo has emerged as the most powerful advertising tool in their digital marketing enterprise. With a whopping 567 million, active users Weibo happens to be one of the most acclaimed social sites in the race with its counterparts. Often compared with Twitter and Instagram of the Western world ( adstochina.westwin/Weibo-Advertising ), Weibo advertising has been geared up with an array of fantastic advertising tools as well as options designed for corporate groups to SMEs to resolve and kick start with Weibo.

Why Consider Weibo

Effectiveness: By using assorted types of Weibo Advertisement, you can make sure that your post gets the optimized visibility to existing and potential followers. The uniqueness of the site enables followers to make comments, convey ‘like’, and make inquiry about your products and services. Thus, the engagement opportunity of Weibo helps boost the social media performance of your enterprise, which is the foremost step to successful customer conversation.

Budget-friendly: Opposed to all other advertisement mediums where cost appears skyscraping, Weibo offers moderate packages making your promotional expense budget-friendly. To initialize, it’s simply great to spend a reasonable amount to try various options available with Weibo and accordingly settle on one that works ideally best for your business.

Great Collection: While Weibo is organized with four major groups of advertising options, the site offers over ten dissimilar Ad formats and placement ideas. Even if, the superfluity of ad options often make marketers confused, however, prepared with an authenticated Chinese digital marketing agency, you can benefit from the flexibility to attain your business goal productively with a small budget.

Four Weibo Advertising Tools

Banner Advertisements

Working corresponding to backlink tools, Weibo’s banner advertisement displays on the top of web pages as well as mobile app sites similar to classified ads. On pressing on the ads, they take consumers directly to the corporate home page of the advertising company.

Weibo’s Search Engine Promotion

Equipped with a ‘discover page’ search tool, Weibo facilitates its users to find out products or services that they are in search of. In the long-listed menu, Weibo’s search bar prioritize the top demanding search items, while keyword plays a major task by listing your advertisement on the top of the page. With a more demanding keyword ( ), an expert agency can effectively reduce your promotional cost toward optimizing in Weibo advertising.

Fan Headline

Another great advertisement tool from Weibo is Fan headline that promotes your post and services to your followers with the unique scope of daily updates and helps get faster recognition in the industry. Three distinctive services of Fan Headline include

1.  Post is a fantastic tool to draw more viewers on your posts. Typically, the tool displays the post headline on the top of user pages as and when they connect to Weibo.

2.  The account is another tool that has been activated to exhibit your Weibo posts to all prospective followers having a link with your current followers. The tool is simply incredible to gain faster popularity and brand image and has high business potential.

3.  KOLs (Key Option Leaders) is top liked Weibo Advertising tool to marketers, and with this, you successfully promote your service, account or blog through KOLs’ huge follower base and get high success rate.

Fan Tunnel

Fun Tunnel is much specialized, goal oriented and advanced advertisement tool designed by Weibo and ideally money-making solution for small to large business concerns and professionals.

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