Secure Your Email Account with Email Encryption Services

With the rise in identity theft, regulatory pressures and various security breaches, organizations that have not encrypted their mails containing sensitive data ( Securence/email-encryption ) are always at risk of lawsuits, loss of intellectual property, regularity fines and many more. Firms who have a good rapport with all the stakeholders in terms of trust will not risk such damages for destroying their brand value. Email is a handy business tool to send and receive various messages. Whenever you are sending a confidential message, one is exposed to a data breach. Therefore, opting for email encryption services is a vital pie of the security puzzle that will help in protecting your organization, business partners, and customers.

While the numerous mail encryption solutions vary in pricing and features, but all of them will fall into one of these two categories – some service providers will not be having access to your encryption keys, and some other providers will be there for managing the encryption keys for you. The top email encryption services help in simplifying compliance, reducing the management costs by eliminating the complexity from encryption and keeping your mail confidential. An organization using the encryption services helps in sending encrypted mails to anybody by using identity-based encryption feature. It also ensures access to mail with round the clock key recovery as well as reduces the IT costs by providing hosted key service. Now we will be discussing numerous advantages one can get by using the email encryption services.

Creating encryption keys effortlessly – It helps in generating dynamic keys and eliminates the certificate management as well as pre-enrollment of PKI encryption. For creating encryption keys, you just need the recipient’s mail address.

Convenient Process and No Requirement of Software – One can easily reply, forward, receive and send messages without installing any software. It also helps in sending the encrypted mails without any requirement of special steps or unique interfaces. Even going from one place to other, for staying connected you can view the secure messages in offline mode without sacrificing the security.

Defending against Phishing – The email encryption services helps in protecting your shareholders against phishing and allowing the email recipients in recognizing you as a trusted partner thereby establishing a good relationship with your customers and improves the delivery of secure mails.

Ensuring the Delivery of Information to the Recipient’s Inbox – Saves money and time by sending confidential statements, account information, and invoices electronically as well as maintaining the highest security level. One can send any information in encrypted form, and your customer can decrypt the message easily and quickly by opening in any browser.

Easy for recipients – The service providers allows the selected recipients for decrypting the mails without installation of client software and compatible with various mobile operating systems like Android and iOS ( ). They also assist you in complying with the requirements and regulations of customers and partners thereby allowing you to secure outgoing and incoming attachments and emails.

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