Quick Tips to Select the Right and Best Alpha Phi Clothing

As a member of Alpha Phi, you are presented with many opportunities throughout your college or university days to flaunt custom Greek apparel. These outfits that you wear speak volumes about yourself and your chapter, and so, it is really important that you choose them with care. Here are some important tips to pick the right and the best Alpha Phi clothing ( ) for you and your sorority members.

Select the right clothing for the right occasion

The first and foremost consideration when picking your custom Alpha Phi clothing is what occasion you and your sisters will be wearing them to. If you are involved in a lot of formal events, a long sleeve, button-up shirt is a must-have. If you spend a lot of time outdoors volunteering or supporting a charity, a sweatshirt can keep you warm and protected. If you simply want something to wear around the campus or when hanging around with friends, an Alpha Phi tank top is the best.

Lend a personal touch

It’s great to have your sorority wear the same kind of customized clothing, but it’s even better to give the apparel a personal touch that represents the individual. These could be nicknames, lucky numbers, unique skills, a special quality, a fun acronym, or just anything that sets the person apart. Such personalization can be added to pockets to shirts and tees, or to the back of the top that you wear. It can also be done along the side seam of the trousers, running pants, or shorts that you wear.

Get stylish and creative

Your sorority is special, and there’s a reason you’re part of it. Don’t let mundane, run-of-the mill clothing designs hamper this uniqueness when you order sorority clothing for Alpha Phi. Instead, get your creative juices churning and bring out your artistic talent with a design sketch on paper or graphic design on a software. Get this developed with a custom Greek apparel manufacturer who can convert the design into an exciting print design across a t-shirt, sweatshirts, or bottom wear.

Stay unique

While there are standard kinds of clothing that can be customized for your sorority, there is no reason for you to shy away from trying something out of the box. When placing an order for custom Alpha Phi clothing, look for variety in cuts, neck patterns, sleeve designs and so on. Select distinct colors like pastel shades, neon colors, etc., which are rare to find. Check with the custom apparel manufacturer if it is possible to develop a unique shade for your requirement. Also, opt for good quality fabric and fit instead of cheap rip-offs that last just a few washes.

When customizing clothing ( ) for an Alpha Phi event or to gift your sorority sisters, keep in mind the above-mentioned tips. Work with a Geek apparel company who are known for their quality merchandise and creative designs teams, so that you can bring your design visions to life with ease.

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