Tips to Find a Dependable Grease Trap Service Near Me

Owing a restaurant or commercial kitchen requires you to keep your plumbing system well-operational equipped with a grease trap ( draneranger/grease-grit-lint-traps ). They are meant for preventing fats, oils, and grease from flowing down the main drainage pipeline through wastewater. The interceptor separates the FOGs keeping them in a separate section and allows the other liquid to pass through the sewer.

Given that, grease traps are having a certain capacity to capture the amount of FOGs, crossing that level will lead to clogging of the drainage system. It’s therefore essential to have a regular inspection and pumping of grease trap that ensures safety and health of your kitchen staff keeps your customers happy with the healthy environment and delicious food dishes. Thus, in order to hire a dependable ‘grease trap service near me’ consider following the steps mentioned below.

Do Research

Consider having referrals from neighboring shop owners involved in restaurant businesses which can be a reliable source for you. Similarly, have time and search for ‘grease trap service near me’ through Google. You will find a list of companies in your locality while finding an experienced one with technicians, instruments, and know-how are essential selection criterions. Go through the websites of a few companies and study the details of their services, length of experience, working area, client list, and contact numbers.

Meet Personally

Accordingly, based on the referrals you get and your personal research, pen down the details of 2-3 companies to meet personally to have a better idea. Have an eye to make sure the agency is working with an active license issued by local municipal authorities. A genuine company should display their vital credentials, certificates of recognition and license in the front office. If it’s missing, don’t hesitate to ask to show their business licensure.

Knowledgeable Technicians

Commercial grease trap cleaning is quite challenging and requires technicians with a high level of technical understanding, skill, and considerable experience to effectively deal with regular to emergency or critical plumbing disasters caused due to the negligence of hiring grease trap service near me. Talk to the owner or manager and make questions to ensure how many technicians they have in their team. With a good number of technicians and team, you can always expect flexible schedules since the vast majority wants trap cleaning service after the working hours, provided it’s not emergency. With one or two technicians a company cannot provide you with this kind of services.

Techniques and Tools

Other than having an expert team of technicians, grease trap service near me should be equipped with the latest techniques and tools essential for pumping grease traps. Ensure what kind of machinery they use for commercial grease trap cleaning and what kind of disposal procedures that follow which needs to be as per standard.

No DIY/Amateur Way

Don’t be tempted considering the appealing cost is saving with the DIY route or hiring a beginner with low service charges. With poor cleaning services, you will not only pay more in due course of time due to environmental pollution, but you can equally get panelized by authority and lose your customers. Aside from pumping your grease trap ( ) weekly or monthly depending on the need, with experienced crew members, your agency undergoes needed inspection, offers best practices training to your kitchen staff, provides emergency services and boosts your business esteem in the locality.

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