Invisalign in McLean - The Procedure and Benefits

Misaligned, overcrowding, and twisted teeth just not look unsightly, but people having overbites or underbites know how difficult it is to clean them. Because they cannot be properly brushed, flossed, or cleaned. Eventually, that leads to bad breath to periodontal disease, damaging gum as well as tooth loss. While having traditional teeth braces has always been chosen to properly align overbite or underbite issues,  thankfully, with the presence of innovative Invisalign in McLean ( ), more and more teens to adults now enjoy the space of fixing their problem smartly without having to wear those non-attractive, painful to wear and uncomfortable conventional braces.

What is Invisalign?

Differencing them from traditional aligners, Invisalign braces are developed based on 3D technology enabling your orthodontist to generate a phase-by-phase treatment plan. Followed by obtaining x-ray impressions and three dimensional images of your teeth images, the doctor determine the exact teeth movement and mapping to straightening them out. Once it is prepared, the first set of aligners is custom made fitting to your mouth, which you may require wearing for more or less 20 hours per day for a stipulated period. Only a certain part of teeth is taken into consideration for moving at a time.

A set of aligners are made, and they will be replaced every fortnight enabling you to reach your desired alignment of your crooked teeth under time to time supervision of your orthodontist. Incidentally, it needs to be mentioned that Invisalign are made out of clear medical grade plastics and not of metal, like the traditional ones and thus, the plastic trays can be effortlessly removed before your brush your teeth and take your drinks and meals. You must be aware that metal brackets are set in a series that sit over your teeth column permanently for a period of time as determined by the doctor for needed alignment and can be removed by the doctor only.

Invisalign– Key Advantages

Virtually Unnoticeable

Made of clear plastic, Invisalign in McLean braces are a great choice for youngsters that won’t make them self-conscious as well as damage their self-confidence. The thin, delicate, and clear plastic aligners are fitted discreetly over the teeth, and thus, none can notice them even from a distance of one foot.

Safe, Comfortable and Effective

One of the major plus points of Invisalign is that they’re not at all scratchy or invasive like traditional braces. With no fixed wire or brackets that strain over your teeth and gums causing discomfort, the smooth trays of plastic clear retainers that adjust your teeth gradually, appear more accommodating to carry out all your daily activities without being scary. Unlike traditional braces, they don’t restrict your diet habit since you simply remove your aligners at the time of having foods.

Easy to Remove

Opposed to traditional braces that are removable by a dentist only, Invisalign in McLean ( ) braces can be removed without any hassle by the wearer any time as and when required.

Easy to Maintain

One of the notable problems of having traditional braces that often you’ll require special tools to clean wedged food parts in its brackets and wires. This is not only bothersome, but food elements left behind make your oral health vulnerable. Easy removable Invisalign trays don’t get in the way of your regular oral health maintenance. Just remove them, complete brushing and flossing, and once again put the trays in its place.

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