Wechat Marketing: A Way to Make it Productive

Incorporated with a number of excellent social media features including instant messaging, shopping, online payments, video calls, sharing moments and more Wechat has emerged as the most acclaimed social media sites in China. For potential marketers from the Western globe, it will appear as a great combination of Facebook and Whatsapp features. Similarly, with more than 580 million users while 60% of them use its different apps for 10+ times a day and greater than ever number of mobile users, WeChat marketing ( adstochina.westwin/WeChat-Marketing ) has been the first chosen digital marketing tools to more and more business groups from SMEs to MNCs. It is, however essential for you to make its effective use while planning to leverage the high potential of WeChat for your business success. Let’s go through 4 easy steps below; it makes it done.

Generate a WeChat Official Account

With some key differences, WeChat Official Account works relatively similar to Facebook pages. You’ll find they’re of two types including Service and Subscription Ones. Having a Subscription account allows you to post content quite often while Service account offers you more functions. The advantageous feature of Service account is that it enables service providers to see their user locations, as well as the way messages, get displayed.

Localize Your Content

Given that, you’ll be operating with millions of Chinese speaking customers; it’s worth nothing that your page needs to be translated. Not only your Chinese digital agency will help you to translate your content, but also by developing informative articles ideally designed to engage Chinese audience.

Make Best Use of WeChat Marketing Functions

•  Content distribution: With WeChat marketing, enterprises can promote all kinds of contents like text, video, audio and in their combination.

•  Moments:  its functions work similar to Facebook new feed where users can locate your contents and account page. With productive use of moments, you can enhance audience engagement and drag them toward your business.

•  Location-centric Marketing: With this, you can find the user’s location and accordingly use them for effective market promotion.

•  Community engagement: In order to offer personalized service to users or promote giveaways that help fetch new followers to consider the fantastic social media tool of WeChat Marketing.

•  Get Inventive QR codes: Through scanning your product QR Code, WeChat takes customers directly to their Wallet, wherefrom they can place an order and transfer payment digitally.

Consider Advertising on WeChat

WeChat is equipped with a great advertising idea for business enterprises to thrive immensely. Among them, the three popular most are banner ads, moments and Key option leader (KOL) promotions.

  If you’re intended to visually draw attention to your products or services, considering Banner ads should be your first choice. Since banner ads are priced depending on a company’s performance; this can be a great opportunity for you to verify and consider your proposal.

  Other than texts and images, you can also include videos that appear in the moment section of your users, as you’ve experienced with Facebook ads new feeds. Moments are bit costly than banner ads. For a successful WeChat marketing ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/who_we_are/index.shtml ), a good strategy is to put an ad in Banner page initially, refine your plan, and then use Moments more efficiently.

  More and more enterprises entering into Chinese market prefer leveraging the high potential of KOL’s advertising with industry influencers. The advertising cost is likely to differ depending on the personality you approach and their fan base. No wonder, KOL can bring the best outcome of your advertising cost which depends on how wisely you find your influencing partner.

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