How to Utilize Cold Therapy for Shoulder Pain

Even minor pain in the shoulder joint can make day-to-day living quite difficult. It can become really uncomfortable to lift objects or use the shoulder joint for any function. Imagine the trauma on the shoulder joint when it needs to recover from a surgery or serious injury.

Shoulder replacement surgery or rotator cuff repair are common surgeries performed to heal this very important joint in the body. For full and optimal recovery, it is important to use all measures to ensure a successful outcome for the same. Cold therapy can be a very useful remedy to heal post-operative pain or any form of mild or severe shoulder trauma. One of the best ways to utilize this therapy is to use an ice machine for the shoulder ( ).

Using Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is best delivered via machines instead of with ice packs or frozen pea bags. Special devices such as ice machine for shoulders are designed to deliver cold therapy safely and efficiently.

Cold therapy is the use of freezing temperatures over injuries to heal them. The cold temperature temporarily stops the blood flow on the site of the application, which helps to start the body’s natural healing process. Without an adequate blood supply, inflammation cannot sustain itself. As the swelling begins to reduce, patients start to experience lessening of the pain over their injuries or trauma.

However, for cold therapy to work properly, its delivery must be perfect. Ice packs are simply not ideal for the administration of cold therapy. The uneven shape of the ice packs or frozen vegetable bags cannot transfer the cold properly inside the tissues. Ice packs can also drip water on the surgical wounds when still in use; increasing the patients’ risk of contracting post-surgical infections. On the other hand, cold therapy units such as ice machine for shoulders do not come with these shortcomings.

Using an Ice Machine for Shoulders

It is best to use cold therapy units from reputed brands to benefit from the use of the latest technology in their designs. For example, ice machines for shoulders ( ) from IsoComforter are designed using the patented Iso tube technology to deliver cold therapy in the best way possible. These machines come equipped with healing pads that contain ridges. The ridge pattern helps in the safe and optimal delivery of cold therapy without any risk of injury from freezing temperatures. IsoComforter pads also deliver cold therapy from all sides instead of only from the top.

To use an ice machine for shoulders, you need to fill the tank with ice and water. Then you can wrap the healing pad around the shoulders and switch on the machine. The cold water will begin to travel from the tank to the pad with the help of the pump. You can use the machine for 15-20 minutes per session or as recommended by your doctor.

For it to work properly, delivery of cold therapy needs to be consistent. So, it is best to use it regularly until healing is complete.

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