Why You Need the Services of a Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Professional?

The installation of grease traps in restaurants is mandatory as grease clogs the sewer systems and creates environmental pollution. Grease traps ( ) are installed to prevent FOG or fat, oil and grease from flowing into the main sewer lines. It captures and holds the grease in these traps when you flush grease or oil during dishwashing or preparation of meals.

However, these traps need to be cleaned and pumped regularly; otherwise, the grease will cool and solidify. It will stick to the pipes, trap other waste particles, and clog the trap. Eventually, the wastewater will back up in your drains and kitchen sinks. You will need to shut down your business until the traps are cleaned and back in functioning order. Overlooking grease trap maintenance and issues will also lead to the expensive replacement of the entire unit.

Advantages of Regular Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning

Prevent backups and sewer problems

Repairing or replacing the entire grease trap is an expensive affair. It is cheaper to maintain and clean it regularly by hiring professional service providers. Moreover, regular cleaning ensures no messy backups, which can adversely affect your business. Irregular maintenance and cleaning of grease traps can lead to solidification of waste and grease. This leads to backups in the kitchen sinks and drains. It can also create various types of sewer problems. It may cause plumbing emergency and expensive repairs for a problem that could have been prevented easily.

Healthy work environment

Regular grease trap cleaning is essential if you want a clean, healthy, and productive work environment for your staff. Build up of grease and fat in the grease trap has a foul smell and toxic effect on people who are constantly exposed to the kitchen environment. Apart from that, build up grease can also clog the pipes and lead to wastewater backup in the kitchen. This can cause serious health hazards to people who work in your restaurant kitchens. Workers seldom put up with such an unhealthy work environment and quit their jobs quickly. You can avoid all these issues by hiring a commercial grease trap cleaning professional.

The best method of preventing plumbing emergencies, sewage backup in the kitchen sinks and other issues related to grease traps is to service your commercial grease traps regularly. Restaurant grease trap must be cleaned every month or at least once in three months, depending on the type and volume of food cooked. Pumping your grease trap only when it is full is not a great idea. Regular servicing is essential to ensure that it functions, as it should.

While hiring commercial grease trap cleaning services ( ), it is important to make certain that these professionals pump out the entire contents of the trap rather than simply clean the FOG. This makes it even more important to choose efficient and reliable grease trap cleaning service providers.

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