Three Things You Need to Consider in Your Baidu SEM project

Even if, the largest search engine and advertisement platform Baidu has its competitors, however, while dominating the Chinese digital arena, it enjoys more than 72% market share. Displaying over 600k + websites, to foreign enterprises it appears just similar to Google which has omnipresence in the West. Mind well that Chinese audience will pay value to your website or advertisement only if you have a presence in Baidu and thus, being there automatically boosts your corporate image, brand awareness, and service legitimacy to more than a billion avid searchers in Baidu.

Similarly, when it comes to a paid advertisement or PPC campaigns, consider Baidu SEM ( ) and you can see your ad campaign to run alongside more than 600,000 web pages and ads in China. Working relatively similar to Google AdWords, Baidu’s search engine marketing platform wants 100% performance of advertisers to get their desired ranks with competitive bidding.

Try to follow the tips below that are proven resulting in Baidu SEM success:

Target Appropriate Keyword

First of all, it’s suggested that you will be working with an SEO expert in China as well as an agency that is accredited by Baidu to assist you in getting enrolled by the community. It’s not so easy like Google and will appear just next to impossible without being accompanied by a Baidu authorized professional group in China. Make sure that they understand your products or services and what you exactly want in your search engine marketing plan. The procedure is extensive and needs detailed repeated research, evaluation, and test to find the most productive keywords for you. Watch its performance and accordingly try new keywords matching to the types.

No Translating of English Campaign

Being from the west, never consider translating a striking English campaigning ad simply into Chinese abruptly as-it-is will not work in China. Meanwhile, you’ve understood that the Chinese audience is unique in terms of their buying habits, preferences, and beliefs. Thereby, the objective of your ad should be to clarify meaningfully how your product or service is different from that of your rivalries. The promotional content, the layout of the ad or its languages won’t be similar to what you’ve experienced in the West. Give value to their expectations, customs, and outlooks to let them engage as well as convince Baidu while working on the ad instead of mislaying the chance of Baidu SEM success just due to translating your previously hit English commercial.

Incorporate Baidu Shangqiao

Similar to the popular QQ chatting tool, Baidu Shangqiao has been designed for Baidu SEM ( ) users as a free tool enabling Chinese internet users to undergo real-time customer support, make queries, or share their experiences. With this, the visitors on your site can directly communicate with your customer support executive through the chat box found on the ad or company homepage. Compared to QQ tool, one major plus point of using Shangqiao is that it’s faster, efficient, user-friendly and a free service. Equally, your sales force can open the app and can share the interface to communicate with potential customers from time to time. The friendly communication channel influence greatly on users’ experience which eventually uplifts the worth of your page in the eyes of Baidu SEM.

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