How a Voice Marketing Agency can Draw Attention to Your Brand

Voice marketing is the newest way to draw attention to your brand and develop a sense of connection between your brand and its intended audience – but what exactly is voice marketing? Much more than the newest trend, voice marketing will completely change the way that marketing works and has created a need for voice marketing agency ( ) experts.

A New Understanding of Brand Voice

Brand voice is nothing new. In marketing and advertising, every brand should have a distinct voice with which to reach its customer base. However, with the advent of voice recognition technology using tools like Google Home or Amazon Echo, brand voice has transformed into something much more real. Rather than brand voice being a conceptual piece of a larger marketing toolkit, brands now have the opportunity to connect directly with their audience using that voice. Marketing materials have come to life and brand voice is no longer something that must be printed in black and white. In many modern households, performing voice searches utilizing smart speakers is now an everyday activity.

Voice Marketing Technology

Many advertising agencies are now investing their time and efforts into developing voice-specific methodologies and skill sets. The reasoning behind this decision is that voice-controlled devices, systems and services now play a major role in our lives. The way that modern audiences access information, engage brands, and shop for products and services is changing. Voice-controlled devices are often used in ways and in places that phones and computers are not, but how do you reach your customers through this technology? To start, one must think of brand voice in the same way that such a voice has been constructed in the past. What do you want your brand voice to say about your company, your product, or your services? What message do you want that voice to convey to your customers?

Evolving and Expanding Brand Voice

Although marketing has to be approached in a slightly different way when you consider voice marketing, it offers brands an opportunity to do something new. Voice recognition technology actually offers brands the chance to get closer to their customers than they’ve ever been able to in the past. A voice marketing agency can get your company more visibility and eventually grow your brand by adopting these changes and evolving with the times. To simply connect with your audience through written copy is denying your company the chance to connect to the customer on a deeper level. Just as social media has bridged the gap between producers and consumers, so does voice technology. Now your brand voice can reach audiences across various platforms without issue.

Marketing for a New Generation

As voice controlled devices become the norm, brands have to keep up and ensure that they are able to continue connecting with their customer base through this new technology. Voice marketing and engagement should be where companies are focusing their time and resources, hiring a voice marketing agency ( ) that can develop voice specific methodologies and skill sets that are innovative and will help your brand reach a larger audience.

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