Weibo Advertising – A Budget-Based Social Advertising Platform for All

When it comes to social media marketing in China, indisputably the high potential of Weibo advertising ( ) makes it a matchless choice to business groups from foreign counterparts. The microblogging social site is equipped with a series of awesome advertising tools matching to your business promotional objective. However, before advancing to Weibo, a simple question may occur in your mind that why only Weibo? So, let’s analyze briefly three appealing reasons that make MNCs to SMEs persuaded to put an advertisement on Weibo.

It’s Proven Effective

Weibo is geared up with the most attractive engagement opportunities tool via advertisement that encourages your social media performance. Through different classes of ads, not only you can ensure visibility of your contents in your present followers, but equally, expose them to prospective groups. Your business followers can effectively pass comments, post ‘likes’ as well as repost/refer your advertisement to their peers or share them that boost engagement network, which is the boon of SMM success.

It's Consistently Affordable

Compared to outbound advertisement tools or even many social ads available in China, whereas price appears to be skyscraping, Weibo advertising ads are made reasonably budget friendly to every class of business groups. A great idea is to spend comparatively little money to try out the various advertisement approaches available on Weibo and accordingly find a suitable one that works ideally best for your product/service.

Wide Option Range

Weibo advertising is available in 4 categories of promotional opportunities. The uniqueness of Weibo that makes it so popular is even with a very minimum budget, you’re offered with ad placement options via its 10 different Ad formats. In order to successfully perform Weibo ad campaigning, try to follow the steps stated below to avoid confusion and get instantaneous success.

Your Advertisement Goal

Getting Engagement - Engagement helps reinforce your social presence amongst existing as well as potential followers who turn to be your customer over time.

Gaining Followers - By promoting content and posts on your Weibo account, you can successfully persuade more and more followers and also those who are connected with your present follower base that helps reach a wide scale audience

Boosting Brand Awareness - In order to enhance brand awareness, Weibo enables you to post innovative digital ads like a banner or commercial etc on the platform.

To decide on your advertisement plan, flowing are top examples

Selection of Ad Format

For engagement

•  You can own a hashtag without spending a single penny so long you’re the first user of it and can claim your ownership on it. Being a host of the hashtag, you can propose your Weibo post together with the hashtag and they appear pinned on the hashtag page. By choosing a paid hashtag, you can see you add on the top of the page. Now, as users seek out the hashtag, they’re likely to observe your page and send their opinion and thus, it boosts your engagement.

•  Fun Headline is a paid advertising plan from Weibo that facilitates your post to display appear on the top of your follower's timeline feed.

To gain followers

•  Fans Tunnel can help reach much beyond your current follower circle. In this case, your Weibo ( ) ad post will appear in a timeline format. As users click on them, they will be driven to the account. This displays your account with brief detail on its sidebar. Fans tunnel is proven as one of the most productive means to increase follower base for products and brands.

To brand building

•  Display ads are simply fantastic advertising opportunities under Weibo that appears like commercial banners and help get a brand image.

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