Get Rid of Spam and Junk Mails by Using Email Filtering Solution

For any enterprise, whether it is an international firm or a small family business, email is a crucial service. It helps not only saving time but aids in connecting with all the stakeholders that are vital for business. However, due to it's instantaneous messaging, email becomes very slow; a majority of the emails is bad at filtering unwanted messages. If your organization depends on emails every day, then opt for an email filtering ( ) solution. Below are just a few reasons how it can help your business in improving efficiency and stay focused.

Reducing Server Load and Volume of Data – If junk mails are being delivered to your server you would be expecting to pay for four times as much email related data as you would if this can be filtered out. Depending on volumes of emails and internet plan it is a significant amount of money. The mail server of your company will also be working four times as hard to process that mail thereby leading to capacity and performance issues. If you have hosted your mail in the cloud, then you are probably wasting most of the mailbox quotas.

Providing additional Archiving and Email Storage options – External email filtering ( ) services offer in storing the mails received and sent by you for archiving purposes that help in supplementing or replacing the need for internal mail archiving solutions. This is only applicable to mails with external parties, as internal mails among employees are normally not seen by the filtering solution.

Improving Large-scale sending performance – If your business does large-scale mail outs on a regular basis, a filtering service for outbound mail offer good performance enhancement. This is due to the servers filtering solution that has the ability to connect a huge number of simultaneous recipients than your own server could carry thereby making the delivery process more efficient.

Minimizing Virus and Spam Exposure – Time is perhaps the biggest resource waste from junk emails. If one in four mails were not junk then you will be spending your precious time in picking genuine mails and not miss important information. By applying local filters you can stop the junk mails but the filters need to be updated constantly to be effective. About 4 to 5 percent of junk mails contain malicious content within the mail itself that can lead to harmful consequences. A large chunk of spam always contains links to malicious sites.

Reducing the Company’s Mail Server Exposure to the Internet – Allowing unauthorized person on the net for connecting to your mail server for delivering mail directly increases the chances of any unfixed bugs in the software is being exploited by somebody with a malicious motive. If all emails are delivered through an external filtering service, then the firewall can able to restrict such connections to a set of trusted addresses that will force the hackers in finding any different target.

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