Laser Tattoo Removal Risks, Benefits, and Procedure

Being inked is easy as you simply think of something cool or funny, friends convincing you on a vacation for a permanent tattoo and you did it. However, after some days or months, you are dealing with the consequences. Removing the tattoo is a different story. Whether you have made an ugly tattoo from an amateur artist, the name of your ex or written your gang name, fret not: Removing the tattoo will transform you into a free soul.

Working Procedure – The common technique for getting rid of your ink is laser tattoo removal ( ). A simple method makes creative use of your body’s natural machinery. A laser is used for breaking the pigment particles below the skin. Then your body’s lymphatic system that shuttles away toxins and waste from the organs carries the particles away from the skin to be excreted. Most clients need five to ten laser sessions for breaking the tattoo but it actually depends on the usage of the ink pigments. After your last session, the tattoo will fade leaving a minor mark on the skin.

Lasers Breaking up the Ink – Lasers consist of intense beams of monochromatic light that are used by tattoo removal technicians matched to particular pigments of tattoo ink. Each pigment of tattoo ink reflects a particular wavelength of light. The laser used in breaking the particles needed for matching the wavelength of light the particles are absorbing. When the laser of the right wavelength is striking the pigment, the high level of energy containing in the light beam helps to vibrate the particles until they are broken into small particles. This process, when repeated with multiple lasers for each ink color, will break the ink particles so that the tattoo fully fades away. There is a gap of forty-five day between each session so that the skin can heal properly.

Pain – During laser tattoo removal, lasers damage the skin when it passes through but not in any significant way. One feels like a rubber band is snapped on the skin several times. People have the experience of a reciprocating needle inserted into the skin repeatedly when you are having the tattoo in the first place and it is easy in handling the discomfort during tattoo removal. Customers said that there is a lingering sensation similar to blister or burn.

Price – For each session, the cost will be around 100 to 500 dollars. Since laser tattoo removal ( ) takes as many as five to ten sessions, one has to pay a hefty amount. If your tattoo is really awful, it is worth opting for the laser technique, as the process is considered quite safe.

Dealing with Various Pigments – The black ink is the easiest for removing, as it requires five to six sessions. Blue and green take as many as ten sessions. Actually, the lasers operate at different wavelengths for removing the different colors. for treating basic black ink, a class 4 laser operating on a 1064 wavelength is used. For orange, a 532 wavelength is used.

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