A Guide to Baidu SEM (Search Engine Marketing) in China

Ask any person in China about what search engine they are using, 8 out of 10 will be using Baidu. Due to well-designed and high-efficiency, Baidu is the most popular search engine in China. As it has a market share of more than 70 percent, Baidu is way ahead than other search engines having a presence in every demographic. The truth is any online business will not be successful in China if they do not know how to market their services and products in Baidu. SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a powerful medium for connecting with audiences. In a nation like China, SEM is very powerful as Baidu is China’s top search engine that makes Baidu SEM ( adstochina.westwin/search-engine-marketings ) extremely effective. Before growing your brand there are various rules one should know before starting. Below we have shared a few tips for growing your brand with Baidu SEM.

Hiring Native Chinese Speakers – When users are reading something and there is a minor error in the sentence, they will leave instantly. This is more prevalent online where a single mistake will disappoint the user and will never try to open the site again. This is true in the English speaking nations and even this happens in China. Without local speakers helping everything from original marketing to translation, you can sound suspicious and lose potential customers.

License – Baidu works differently than other search engines used in the western countries as you must own a license before starting a Baidu SEM campaign. One would not able to market any product or services without a license. Fortunately, the process is simple and a reputed marketing team will help for the paperwork and set up tightly for starting your campaign.

Hosting Your Site in China – Foreign hosting is not allowed in this part of the world so business uses Chinese hosting services for their sites. The government of China monitors the sites hosted in China carefully for better control that means they prefer websites that are locally hosted.

Aiming for the Coveted V – Do anyone know how the top micro-blogging site gives specific users a blue checkmark? Baidu ( ) also provides the same distinction with their preferred advertisers and businesses. It helps in making your business more desirable and legitimate to users but one needs to earn that mark. For this, one has to be extremely compliant and reliable with Baidu. The result is a high ranking in the searches.

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