Dental Implants in McLean – A Permanent Missing Teeth Replacement Solution

In restorative dentistry, dental implants in McLean ( ) has emerged as a more natural, healthy and permanent substitute to dentures or bridges when it comes to replacing a missing, broken, chipped or decayed tooth. Despite being placed on the gum top or connected to adjoining teeth, your dental implant uses an artificial root as a solid base of the replaced tooth.

As its name implies, a dental implant, chiefly made of high-quality titanium is an appliance which is bonded with your jaw bone under the gum. A dentist deploys a metal post or abutment which is again an outcome of titanium and works as an engineered root allowing the artificial root stand upright beside your natural teeth. Naturally, it offers you a more permanent, solid and healthier solution whereas you don’t have to worry for removing your false tooth or for its sudden dropping. Finally, it depends on the healthiness of your gum since it’s used as the foundation of a dental implant and on the evaluation of its condition a dentist can determine if you’re a fit candidate for having dental implants.

Why Dental Implants?

Why do more and more people nowadays prefer having dental implants? Simply because, compared to those traditional less permanent and more hazardous alternatives, dental implants come as a complete and permanent solution potential to last for more than 15 years enabling you to enjoy a number of advantages.

More Confidence

Who can overlook the cosmetic aspect of oral health which is an integral part of one’s personality and self-confidence? A dental implant is an exclusive outcome of evolving technological concepts of cosmetic and restorative dentistry and resembles your natural teeth only in terms of its look, feel, and utility. Even though dentures or bridges are also designed natural looking but often people close by you can notice them. Being self-conscious while smiling, engaging in a social gathering, meeting an interview, or having your food, naturally taxes on your personality level.

Better Eating

The most important function of our teeth is helping us in eating. Not only you’re restricted to chew certain foods fitted with dentures that often cause them to slip or slide, but being worried, you’re likely to miss the great experience of having delicious food. Dental implants in McLean function just similar to any normal tooth with their embedded root within the jawbone allowing you to chew, bite, and eat anything in a relaxing mood.

Superior Oral Health

Importantly, just one missing teeth is enough to ruin your oral health since the wedging of food particles in the gap becomes a common issue. If the position of the missing teeth is not reachable while brushing or flossing, decayed blocked foodstuff can cause bad breath, damage gum health and make the adjoining teeth vulnerable. Considering the vitality of oral health which has a close relationship with your physical wellbeing, to stay physically fit, there’s no second choice of dental implants in McLean ( ).

Hassle-free Permanent Solution

With normal care and maintenance, implants can serve you for 15-20 years and tend to be a permanent solution for your lifetime. You don’t have to take your false tooth removed while eating, sleeping, or brushing or need caring them separately which is a common issue with dentures, bridges, or crowns.

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