Is Cold Therapy Useful for Healing Sore Muscles?

Cold therapy is an age-old remedy to heal orthopedic pain and discomfort due to injuries or surgeries. However, it is also very helpful in healing tired and sore muscles due to the everyday stresses of a working day. Instead of using pain-reducing pills (which have side effects), you can utilize the healing power of cold therapy to alleviate discomfort in your muscles. By using a cold therapy machine ( IsoComforter/Cold-Therapy-Machine ), you can easily administer cold therapy in the comfort of your home.

Cold Therapy – a Potent Healing Remedy

Cold therapy involves using freezing temperatures over painful muscles or orthopedic injuries to heal them.

The cold temperature temporarily stops nerve communication on the site of application. Without nerve communication, the supply of blood also stops for a while in the same area. These processes help to reduce swelling and pain on the affected muscles.

For cold therapy to work properly, its application needs to be even and consistent. So, it is best to use a cold therapy machine for administering cold therapy. Ice packs can be uneven and cannot deliver cold temperature properly to the affected muscles. It is also not comfortable to hold ice packs in hand over sore muscles when your body is already in a state of pain and/or discomfort.

Muscles can become sore after a particularly tiring day. Long hours of driving, intensive workouts, and a day of running countless errands can all contribute to tired and painful muscles. Athletes experience muscle soreness regularly and often depend on cold therapy to heal them. You can use cold therapy any time to restore your muscles to wellness. Cold therapy can rejuvenate fatigued muscles within 15-20 minutes of application or even less.

Cold Therapy – Applying it the Right Way

The best way to administer cold therapy is to deliver it via machines. Cold therapy machines are designed for the optimal delivery of freezing temperatures over the affected muscles. These machines consist of components such as a healing pad, a pump, a tank for water and ice, a tube, and an adapter.

If you are affected by sore back or shoulders quite often, then you can even buy a cold therapy machine designed specifically for those areas. For instance, IsoComforter designs healing pads for shoulders, back, and hip muscles. You can even purchase an IsoComforter cold therapy machine ( IsoComforter/Why-Cold-Therapy-Machine ) with a multipurpose healing pad to use on different muscle groups.

To use a cold therapy machine, simply fill the tank with ice and water. Then wrap the healing pad around the affected muscles, sit comfortably, and switch on the machine. The cold water from the tank will flow to the healing pads and relax your muscles. IsoComforter designs its machines using the patented Iso tube technology for efficient delivery of cold therapy to the users. IsoComforter healing pads contain ridges to deliver cold therapy in the safest way possible.

There are no side effects of cold therapy as it is a natural healing modality. You can use it to heal sore muscles as needed.

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