Bohemian Décor- Best Way to Express Your Individuality

If you love to explore and experiment with different colors, textures and patterns without following any rules, then bohemian ( ) is the perfect décor for your home. Boho interiors are an unusually striking combination of bright colors and extraordinary designs that exude a sense of warmth and charm. It is all about breaking from the stereotype decorating norms and creating a space of your own.

While Boho rooms have certain similar features-none of the two rooms are ever completely similar. There are no rules when it comes to Boho décor, which is why most people love to embrace the style.

Boho embellishments

Embellishments used in Boho décor are a combination of an assortment of materials such as sisal and silk, burlap and chenille. The idea is to mix and match different styles to make an inspired and cozy hangout. Boho décor embraces the idea of excess as you can find differently colored and patterned pillows, throw rugs, and curtains combined to create a visual space of your own.

Bohemian colors

Metallic, warm earthy colors and jewel tones are among the most common Boho decorating colors. This décor style involves layering and combining different colors for a unique effect. You can use subtle base colors such as green, gray, and brown and then refurbish it with electric blue, fiery orange and purple colors. You can freely mix textures, styles, and patterns that might not match in a conventional manner. Using saturated color is the essence of Bohemian décor ( ) but white is also used in the backdrop to accentuate the other colors.


Understated lights create a sense of calmness and unity in your Boho room. You can use table, floor, lanterns, and candles to accessorize the décor. There are all kinds of lighting accessories available today to achieve the perfectly blended appearance. The essence of Bohemian culture is greenery, so bring your home to life by decorating it with hanging plants and ferns. Apart from improving the quality of the air, it also lends a unique vibrancy to the room.

Boho furniture

The décor involves the use of vintage furniture, which is collected over time. Each piece of furniture should be unique with a story of its own. Boho furniture is usually unavailable in stores. However, you can find it in local vintage shops that display couches and chairs in saturated colors and styles.

You can use all kinds of accessories that you love- it will simply fit in. Handmade stuff, family heirloom, mismatched china, vintage bottles, tapestries, and even maps can be used to decorate your room. Bohemian style of decorating homes is all about creating a space that speaks volumes about your individuality.

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