Things to Know for Pumping Your Septic Tank

Septic tank pumping is a crucial maintenance task for keeping your wastewater system in working condition. However, what is the cost of pumping a septic tank? A septic tank ( ) should be pumped every two to three years to keep it functional. If the tank pumped on time, the servicing charges will be a few hundred dollars. But if your tank is left for several years, then you have to replace your tank with a new one and that will cost you around five to ten thousand dollars.

Pumping the Septic Tank – The sludge that gets stored at the bottom of the tank requires pumping or cleaning at regular intervals. All the organic materials present in the tank cannot be even broken down by adding the best bacteria which mean it will start accumulating and reduce the space of the tank. If there is not ample space for water, the sludge will start backing up in the leach field or your house pipes or can lead to tank failure. Household owners can clean their septic tanks but transportation is required for storing the sludge and safely disposes of them. Professional cleaners always accompany a tank truck with them that is connected to your septic tank, remove the contents and then safely transport the material in the truck.

The average cost for septic tank pumping ( ) will be around 400 dollars excluding the discounts many service providers offer to their members.

Maintenance of the Septic Tank – There are different ways to lower your cleaning costs and reduce the chances of a broken tank.

Creating a diagram that depicts the distance and the depth from the home to the tank.

Knowing the exact location of the tank so that your cleaner knows where to dig and can find the tank quickly during an emergency.

Never build structures or park cars atop the tank that lead to an increase in pressure and can cause a rupture.

Avoid planting trees in your drainage field as natural grass is the best choice.

Be careful what you are putting down the drain. Paper towels, diapers, and baby wipes will clog the pipes and the harsh chemicals can kill the friendly sludge bacteria thereby resulting in a backup.

Taking help from a Professional – Contact various contractors in your area for getting estimates and search online to get reputed providers. You should always find a company that performs tank maintenance, as well as septic pumping as the technicians, can spot the problems along with signs of tear and wear. Please read the agreement carefully. Ask where they will take the waste and what they will do with the waste. While a special discount or low price can be satisfactory but the fly-by-night companies can damage your tank when trying to drain the waste quickly.

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