Why is it Important to Find a Professional to Clean Commercial Grease Traps?

As grease traps are fixtures that are seldom installed in homes, not many are familiar with its functions and importance. These traps are designed to prevent fat, oil, and grease from entering into the pipes and clogging the sewage system. However, it is quite essential to understand that although you have installed grease traps in your commercial kitchen, it seldom grants the consent to dispose of your entire kitchen oil and waste into the sink. True, these traps can prevent grease from clogging the pipes but it is inept to collect a huge amount of oil at a single time.

Failure to maintain and clean grease traps on a regular basis can lead to overloading or clogging. This can lead to horrible backups in the kitchen drain, which can prove to be a health hazard for both employees and customers. Spills from grease traps can contaminate the entire kitchen, forcing you to shut down operations in your commercial kitchen for days.

Why You Need Professional Assistance for Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning?

Majority of the restaurant owners choose to avail the services of a professional when it comes to commercial grease trap cleaning ( ) because it is cheaper and much easier.

Impeccable and comprehensive services

While you choose a professional grease trap cleaner for your commercial kitchen, you can be assured of impeccable services. Apart from the thorough cleaning of these traps, these professionals also find potential problems and repair it so that it functions efficiently until the next maintenance visit. Professionals also maintain records and document each visit, which is essential proof that your grease trap is functioning effectively without polluting the sewer lines.

Proper disposal of grease

Most restaurant owners find it immensely difficult to dispose of grease when it is scrapped and removed from the traps. Proper disposal of grease requires a legal permit and certifications. A professional contractor can help you with the legal formalities to dispose of grease from commercial kitchen traps without any hassles. All the legal formalities, which include filing the forms with local authorities, are handled professionally when you hire a commercial grease trap cleaning ( ) service provider.

Emergency service providers

Another advantage of hiring professional services for grease trap cleaning is that you can obtain emergency services any time of the day or night. You can expect sewer blocks and backups if the grease trap is not cleaned for months and this can happen quite unexpectedly. Sewage backups in your commercial kitchen can be extremely messy and unhealthy. It can also affect the reputation of your restaurant, forcing an unprecedented shut down for many days. Professional grease trap cleaners can offer timely assistance in such grave situations.

Grease traps require maintenance and care just as any other kitchen equipment to ensure a clean, healthy, and happy atmosphere for your workforce and customers.

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