Why You Should Choose Baidu SEM for Effective Advertising Campaign?

Baidu is one of the most robust and popular search engines in the world. Millions of users use this platform on a daily basis for discovering new things and engaging with each other. However, many organizations and people do not even know the name of Baidu. This popular and powerful search engine is the key to becoming successful in the Chinese territory. Baidu SEM ( www.adstochina.westwin/search-engine-marketing ) is swiftly becoming one of the most efficient marketing strategies for businesses in China. Here we have compiled some reasons why Baidu SEM must be considered for your next marketing campaign in China.

Market Share of 90%

Baidu with a market share of dominating 90% is for all purposes and intents, the Google of China. Just as the most popular search engine dominates searches in North America and other parts of the globe, Baidu in China dominates the market so much that other search engines are barely efficient marketing strategies. The massive popularity of this search engine makes it one of the most effective and popular marketing strategies available.

In China Advertising is More Welcome

If you interact with an average North American and ask their views about online advertising, they are more likely to say that it is inconvenient or it annoys them. However, according to a leading advertising firm, Chinese citizens are almost three times likely to click on content related advertisement than the users of the United States. The fact is, while 30 to 35% Americans say they will be clicking on content relevant mobile advertisements, but in China, 80% of users will be clicking which means your Baidu SEM campaign will likely to witness better click-through rates and numbers.

Over 5 Billion Search Requests per Day

Baidu brags a magnificent 5 billion searches daily. In comparison, the world’s most popular search engine handles over 3.5 billion and these two search engines have roughly the same amount of time spent on their websites for every visit. This depicts that your Baidu SEM is heading towards a website that consists of more activity and staying power similar to the popular search engine but it is exclusively targeting the Chinese marketspace.

Largest Penetration in China

Ask any online advertiser and they will tell you that reach is the ultimate key. Getting your ads in front of the right audience is crucial, but you also need to maximize the number of users you are advertising and at the same time still managing the budget. If you see the statistics in China, Baidu has the highest reach which means you can reach to more users through their marketing strategies. Baidu SEM ( ) is one of the most cost-effective techniques for reaching to a large audience who are already interested in what you are doing.

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