When Should You Call Septic Tank Maintenance Services?

A major part of the septic tank issues arises due to negligence. While most homeowners are aware of the thumb rule that septic tanks need to be cleaned once in every four to five years, it is conveniently overlooked, as there are no serious problems with the septic system. Septic tank maintenance ( www.draneranger/Septic-Tank-Maintenance ) experts’ advice homeowners to conduct a bi-annual or annual inspection of their tanks to avoid potential problems before it worsens.

Once the septic tank is installed, it is essential to maintain it correctly for maximum effectiveness. There is hardly any need to empty your septic tank when it is maintained properly. However, you need to clean the tank every three to four years depending on the number of occupants in your home and the total size of the tank.

When Do You Need Professional Septic Tank Maintenance

Sluggish toilets and washing machines

Your septic tank needs professional maintenance if you face trouble flushing the toilet or if it starts to become sluggish. Another unfortunate sign is slow drainage of water in the sinks, bathtubs, and showers. Sewage backing up in the sinks and toilets is a sure indication of septic tank system failure.

Bad odor in and around your home

Another telltale sign of septic system failure is a bad and nasty odor in and around your home. This happens when the blocked tank overflows into the lawn and surrounding areas of your home. It could also backup in your kitchen sinks, bathrooms, and showers posing a real health hazard. It is important to call sewage experts immediately before the problem worsens.

Not maintained for an extended period

Although there are different rules on the frequency of pumping septic tanks, it is vital to clean it once in three to four years or earlier than that if there are many occupants in your home and there is a large influx of sewage. If it has been more than three years since the septic tank was last cleaned and pumped, it is wise to call in the experts to clean and pump the septic tank before the system fails.

Septic tanks must be regularly inspected and pumped by professionals to remove scum and sludge that floats and accumulated in the tank. As mentioned earlier, the frequency of cleaning and pumping these tanks depends on its usage, size of the tank and the number of occupants in your home. Some of the best methods to maintain the septic tank system are to conserve water, avoid dumping household waste such as toilet paper, diapers, napkins, in the tanks, and avoid pouring fat, grease, and oil down the kitchen sinks, use detergents, and other commercial products sparingly. It is also wise to call a septic tank maintenance ( ) expert to check your tank annually for any malfunctions or impending issues.

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