How Getting Added as an AU Has Been the Quickest Way to Build Credit

Credit status is unsurprisingly a major part of your financial power. It is what helps you to get the things matching to the modern living standard like a car, a home loan, a credit card based on your guarantee to pay the dues later. In fact, that is where your official credit score displays your ability as a borrower. Many times your credit history is taken into consideration by potential employers too. According to the survey by the New York Times, 47% of employers nowadays check credit score to ensure the reliability of a candidate before employing.

Opposed to the prolonged way of building your credit history, becoming an authorized user ( AU) on someone else’s credit card with high score is likely to be the simplest and quickest way to build credit ( ) status in as little as 30-60 days enabling to get your things done. While it’s definitely not a long-term alternative to establish your own credit history, however, it is an effective and lawful method to give your poor credit or even no credit a solid boost when you’re getting started.

What does an authorized user mean?

Well, as said above, adding you as an authorized user means you will inherit someone else’s line of credit ( refers to tradeline) mainly of a credit card in your name once you’re added. And accordingly, you can make purchases, get a job, kick-start a business or buy a car based on that card’s history as it were your own, while you’re not the primary account holder.

Seeming strange, funny, or fake? Not at all, this is simply the practice of piggybacking process which has been attached to our livelihood for more than decades. If a person with good credit history adds an individual with bad credit on one or more of his/her credit lines that artificially boosts the credit history of the individual having a bad score.

Contextually, by adding you as an AU, you’ll have a credit card history with a high score to your account, even though you won’t enjoy all the primary privileges that apply to the primary cardholder. For instance, this won’t make you capable to make changes to that account, like appealing for a credit increase. Similarly, being an authorized user, you’re not legally liable to pay the debts or pay the credit card bill, which is the primary holder’s sole responsibility.

Key advantages of being an AU

1.  Rather than choosing the tedious, taxing and time-consuming routes to build or fix your credit history, becoming an AU of a primary card holder’s account with consistent credit ranking by paying a minimum fee helps achieve high credit rate as the quickest way to build credit ( ). And thereby hand you the rope to begin your financial life.

2.  Notably, being an authorized user, you’re, in no way, responsible for making payments against the card to which you’re being added. However, as you get a boost up result, you should be aimed at paying your personal dues timely, enabling to mend your bad credit rate in the meantime.

3.  In case, the primary holder of the card fails to clear his payments on time which can harm your credit rate, you have the liberty to relieve you from the account by applying to the tradeline company that connects you to that particular credit card account.

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