Best Height Adjustable Desk – Why is it Gaining Fast Popularity!

By natural instinct, our human body desires to be in motion instead of being stationary as we force it while sitting for extended periods of time in the workplace. While the movement is the key for spinal wellbeing with an improved circulation of blood, reduced muscle fatigue and better activity of the brain, a relief from static position may be achieved only through muscle movements. Which is why; best height adjustable desk ( ) is gaining greater market demand throughout the world and it has literally dominated the world of furniture due to their great outcome. According to different studies, increased blood flow to strained muscles can be gained through getting out of our chairs while maintaining a balance between sitting and standing posture and moving for a few minutes per hour.

The vitality of Sitting and Standing

Let’s see why the frequent transition from sitting to standing is essential and how it helps

Sitting Positions

As you work continually in the sitting position, even in an ergonomic sitting arrangement, your physical prowess and creative ability are going to get declined. Not only does it hamper one’s productivity but equally leads to a variety of health complications like adding to obesity, blood pressure, straining spine, back pain and loss of energy. More intimidating is its increased risk of heart disease which happens to be three times more than people who sit less.

Standing Position

When you work in standing position, the strain on the intervertebral discs column of the lower back remains considerably lower than how it impacts on our vertebrae after a long time of sitting. Standing boosts cognitive functions, burns more calories while increased blood flow keeps you energized and alert. However, equally, your body tires after a given time and wants you to park yourself. Standing for a prolonged time is also not fit for your health and often causes joint and back pain, swelling, or pooling of blood in ankle and fatigue.

Sit and Stand Position

Thereby, alternating our working posture between sitting and standing with best height-adjustable desk ( ) helps avoid health problems, stay healthy, energized and more productive. With regular movements and adjustments of position, as specific body parts stay relaxed for a certain period, the overall pressure on our body becomes less and reduces the negative effect of risk factors. The biggest advantage of being equipped with an adjustable desk enables you to switch between sitting and standing depending on the endurance of your body. Height adjustable desks also allow team workers, supervisors, and managers to quickly be in motion on the floor and meet other individuals as per necessity. Moving for a few minutes is highly recommended to boost concentration and gain energy in the workplace.

Guidance to Use Best Height Adjustable Desk

  Choose desk sizes considering the floor space available.

  Go for dual-motor adjustable desk systems that are simple, easy to operate and highly robust.

  The desk should be adjustable as low as your elbow height while sitting and conversely as high as the height of your standing elbow.

  Change your position from sitting to standing and vice versa depending on your physical capability.

  Use of a footrest is a consistent choice.

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