Things to Look for While Buying the Best Anti Colic Bottles

One of the most stressful issues that most mothers have to deal with is when their babies cry for an extended period for no obvious reasons. New mothers can feel confused and anxious, not knowing what to do and how to pacify their babies. Colic is the main reason why babies cry for hours although it might seem healthy otherwise. Even though there is no perfect cure for colic, it can be controlled effectively by using anti colic feeding bottles ( ).

Anti colic bottles work by forcing out excess air from the bottle through an in-built vent system. The vent systems vary from one another but the function remains the same- preventing air from entering into your baby’s mouth and thereby reducing the formation of gas and colic.

Choosing the Best Colic Bottles- Some Useful Tips

Types of vent

There are bottom vented, top vented, and straw vented anti colic feeding bottles. Top vented feeding bottles have tiny holes that prevent the intake of air but do not eliminate it. On the other hand, straw vented bottles have an in-built straw that pushes air directly to the bottom of the bottle and separates it from formula milk. Bottom vented feeding bottles are the best among anti colic bottles as it draws the air out and prevents it from mixing with the milk inside.


Baby bottles are made of different kinds of materials, which include plastic, stainless steel, and glass. Choosing the right kind of baby bottle material is crucial as it helps to reduce and eliminate colic. It is safe to use bottles, which are BPA free. Therefore, while you shop for anti colic bottles, check if it is BPA free.

Functional and easy to use

There are a plethora of baby bottles with different features available today. It is essential to choose feeding bottles, which are functional and practical. Anti colic bottles with vents are ideal but choose ones that are easy to clean. Though glass feeding bottles are easy to wash and sterilize, it is quite fragile and can break easily. Plastic bottles, on the other hand, are safe but prone to scratches after prolonged usage.

Size of the bottle

Another aspect that you need to consider while buying the best anti colic bottle ( ) is its size. Choose bottles of the right size, which usually depends on the age of the baby. Newborn babies require small bottles, typically with a capacity of 3-4 ounces. A bigger bottle with a capacity of 8-10 ounces is essential as your baby begins to grow.

Investing in the right kind of anti-colic baby bottle is the best way to keep your baby’s colic under control. Remember to choose wisely, as every baby is different!

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