Check How Frequent You Need Septic Tank Pumping Services

Overloading is one of the chief reasons why septic tanks are required to be pumped once in 2-3 years to keep your septic system effectively functional and lasting. Devoid of having regular septic tank pumping ( DraneRanger/Septic-Tank-Pumping ), you may come across a series of costly and messy situations from sewage backups to clogging and seepage of drain field making the environment of your home and neighborhood germ-infested and unhealthy. While most homeowners are more or less aware of the importance of septic tank cleaning, the area where they mainly confuse is - how often it needs to drain field! Well, in this article we will focus on the specific factors that generally determine the frequency you need to maintain to have the septic tank pumped by professionals.

Why Septic Tank Needs Regular Pumping?

Typically, by design, after treating, a septic tank lets the heavier matters settle at the tank base and eventually form a sludge layer. If its sludge buildup is higher than what is its capacity, then solid matters are likely to make their way to enter into the drainfield area. As a result, due to the blockage in the pipelines of drain field with sewage, liquids are stopped from passing through the pipes causing seepage of unsanitary water. This will make your neighboring areas stinking and will impact severely on environment and health.

Four Determining Factors

The Capacity of Your Septic Tank

The volume of the septic tank is among the major factors that determine how often it needs to be pumped. In general, homeowners decide the size of the septic tank considering the number of family members of their home and estimated the amount of wastewater which is treated in the septic tank itself. If you have a small tank of 500 gallons holding capacity or a huge one holding 2500-3,000 gallons of waste, naturally with larger good you won’t require pumping so often that a small tank needs.

Household Size

Just in the reverse way, you need to consider your family size or the number of members using the septic tank on a daily basis. Usually, for all growing families, as it’s not feasible to continue changing tank sizes, thus, multiplying of family size is likely to make it overloaded due to increased usage. Naturally, your septic tank will require to be pumped more often than earlier.

Water Usage

It should be noted with the care that whatever is the quantity of your household water usage, that goes down the septic tank through different drainage systems. Therefore, water usage is another major factor that will influence the frequency at which you need to call septic tank pumping service. With more wastewater generated, you need more frequent pumping. Like many others, even as you may consider the size of your household to calculate the volume of wastewater, what you overlook is a possible running bathroom or leaky faucet that can waste more gallons of water than what your family does. Therefore, by keeping your plumbing systems efficient fitted with new generation water-efficient tools, you can definitely reduce the frequent need of pumping your septic tank.

Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal in the drainage system or by flashing them in the toilet habitually you allow a considerable amount of solids to enter into your septic tank making it overloaded. While it’s a very common practice of most households, it’s highly recommended by professional septic tank pumping ( ) service providers to stop disposing of garbage or even using chemicals in toilets that destroy the essential microorganisms responsible to break down the solids in the tank while upsetting its functionality.

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