Five Steps to Choose a New Dentist

When you are thinking about tooth care, it is best to consult the same dentist on a regular basis. Over time, you will be establishing a relationship and the dentist will get to know all your needs from allergies to anxieties. But, how to choose the dentist office in Springfield, VA ( Dulacdds/Dentist-Office-in-Springfield-VA ) that is right for you? The five steps mentioned here will be guiding you in your search.


If you are shifting to a new place, it would be useful to ask your current dentist if s/he can recommend someone. Also, check with your neighborhood pharmacist or family doctor for referrals. Tap your social network and ask your relatives, friends and even parents of your kid’s friends.  You can always search the internet or look in the yellow pages. But, you must know that every advertisement may not be accurate. Many territorial or provincial dental associations have websites with search tools for dentists in particular regions.


A new dentist may be impressive, but how accessible is his office? Is there public transportation or parking nearby? Check the office hours and whether the dentist will be booking appointments on evenings or weekends. What about dental emergencies like a broken or chipped tooth on Sunday evening and how they are handled? Enquire about the fees and if you are not having any insurance, do they have any payment plan? If your first language is not English, please ask what other languages are spoken and whether they have a translator.

Phone Call

Call the front desk to inquire whether the dentist will be accepting new points. Ask about some of the logistics that you have in your mind. This is a great chance to check the attitude of the staff members. How well you are treated by the receptionist, are the staff friendly and do they make you feel good? If they keep you on hold for a long time, if the staff seems rushed or if they are unable to answer your queries, then this is not the right dentist office in Springfield, VA ( ).


Visit the place and check whether it is easy to reach the place within a reasonable amount of time? Check the offices and the waiting rooms whether they are well-organized and clean. Are the staffs hospitable when you arrive?

Talking with the dentist

During the first visit, notice whether the doc is able to explain things clearly about your treatment and is prevention a part of her oral care plan? The dentist may differ in things like how frequently x-ray is required or emphasizing on cosmetic dentistry. You must be aware of what you want and see how the prospective dentist fits in your problem. The most important thing is your introductory discussion with the dentist will help you in deciding whether you are comfortable with the doc. Does s/he have the patience to listen to all your concerns and guide you in the right direction?

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