Handy Buying Guide for Baby Furniture

When the fidgety feet of the babies are reaching the bottom of the Moses basket, they are ready to be shifted into their cot and this is the time when parents start thinking about purchasing baby furniture in Miami ( www.belliniofboca.com/furniture/ ). To provide your nursery homely finishing touches, here is a handy buying guide.

Basket to Cot

Now your baby is growing they need to be graduated to a cot for getting a more nap-time wriggle room. Investing in a cot bed is good as the clever designs can be reassembled easily as toddler beds when your baby is ready for the next move. Search for beds with drop-sides (make it easy to get them in and out) and height adjustment (you can lower the mattresses when baby gets taller). Make sure that the cots comply with some international standards.

Bedding and Mattresses

Mattresses are separately sold to cots so you can easily choose the right one for your little one. Some mattresses have springs while some are made of natural materials and foam, so there are many options to match your baby’s snoozing requirements. It should be minimum 10cm deep and fits comfortably up against the cost sides.

Babies do not require pillow and use layers of soft blankets at the initial stages so you can adjust them easily when there is a change in temperature. Some little ones who sleep more have to accommodate with baby sleeping bags for all night comforts and an extra layer of security.

Time for a Change

Some parents use a simple changing mat on the floor but this can become little tiring on your knees and back after a few weeks of frequent changes a day. When buying baby furniture in Miami ( https://www.belliniofboca.com/ ), look for a cot-top changer or a changing table that will make your frequent sessions less strenuous and also there are handy places to put the changing essentials.


Chests of drawers are the most convenient way for storing all the muslins, nappies and baby clothes. They also provide you with lots of easy-to-access storage and you will also get changing tables with compartments underneath.

When they grow

As your little angels are growing, it is time to bring a wardrobe as it provides enough room for bedding and clothes without taking up much floor space. Choose a single wardrobe and future –proof their storage needs with a traditional double-door. The storage baskets and shelves provide a storage solution for keeping teddies and toys in the proper place. Please keep in mind that the toddlers will be enjoying their time if they can reach the baskets and shelves, so tuck them out of arm’s length.

Cozy feeding Chair

When your baby is in their little nursery, for both your comfort and theirs, make mealtimes during midnight relaxing with a feeding chair. For extra comfort, there are cushioned loungers with footstools and rockers for soothing sleepy –time cuddles.

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