How Baidu PPC works?

And when it comes to advertising on Baidu, Baidu PPC ( www.adstochina.westwin/baidu-Pay-Per-Click ) and Baidu SEO are the two main options for advertisers. In this post, we will learn about Baidu PPC.

What is Baidu PPC?

Baidu PPC is a paid advertising system in which advertisers bid for keywords in order to display their clickable ads on Baidu's search results. It works on a similar principle to Google PPC. You bid on the keywords you want to target, your ads are displayed on Baidu's search results page, and you have to pay to Baidu only if your ads get clicked.

Baidu paid ads are displayed at the top of search results on Baidu. Previously 11 ads were allowed, but now only four ads are displayed at the top followed by organic results. And, a maximum of two ads is displayed at the bottom of the search engine result page.

How Baidu PPC works?

If you know how Google AdWords work, it will be easy for you to understand how Baidu advertising works. First of all, you have to create a Baidu PPC account, and then you have to go through extensive keyword research. After this, you bid for the list of keywords, and at last, your ads are displayed on Baidu's search results. The actual position of your clickable ads is determined by many factors, including the Quality Score, bidding prices, Baidu Trust Score of your business entity, and the user behavioral data of the searchers. Baidu PPC ads can bring a large volume of customers to a business and effectively raises sales, boost brand awareness, and establishes brand recognition.

How to open a Baidu PPC account?

To open a Baidu PPC account for foreign business, one has to go through a long and complex procedure. You have two options to open a Baidu PPC account: to set up an account directly with major Baidu branches and register with a Baidu listed partner. You have to provide a long list of documents to open a Baidu account which includes:

•  Your business license (One copy translated in Mandarin Chinese)

•  Your website in Chinese

•  Screenshot of your homepage

•  Your company information on a government website

•  Business bank account statement

•  Photos of your office building

Once you have prepared all these documents, you can contact the Baidu and apply for an account. After you fill all the details, Baidu will review your application process and get back to you. If Baidu approves your request, you have to deposit an initial fee. Once payment is made, Baidu will sign a contract with you, and send the login credentials within 4-5 days on your email. And you can start your Baidu PPC ( ) advertising campaign.

So this was the basics of how Baidu PPC works.

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