How to Maintain Your Quality Score in Baidu SEM

Similar to Google Adwords, when planning to improve your business ad position through Baidu SEM ( adstochina.westwin/Baidu-SEM ) (Search Engine Marketing) or PPC ads, remember that the CPC or cost per click is significantly affected by its Quality Score. In fact, we are quite aware that in order to boost your quality score, you need to improve the relevance between the keyword and ad copy, in addition to the landing page, etc. Here, we will mainly discuss the unique features that let you enjoy a consistent quality score in Baidu PPC.

First of all, it’s significant for you to know that the quality score in Baidu SEM is chiefly evaluated based on the scores against your website, Baidu’s PPC account and the standard of keywords. Those who put ads in Baidu SEM can view every level of their PPC account which is qualified with stars by Baidu. Thereby, for enhancing the quality of your score, you should plan five major strategies as stated below.

PPC Account Quality Score

Advertisers can find their quality score of PPC account at the down-left side of its interface. The figure of the score changes keeping parity of your keywords quality score. Nonetheless, it equally changes according to the actions and behavior of the account in terms of its overall performance, the stability of the account and importantly whether or not it follows Baidu advertising rules, etc. Thus, with an objective to gain higher quality score in your account level, you should follow the tips below

Four major factors

Maintain Baidu SEM (PPC Account) Continuity

In order to continually keep on growing your quality score, depending on your budget, even if you go for low investment, you should have an eye to maintaining your PPC ad alive. This should be noted carefully that if you finish your budget, and your advertisement remains suspended for over a week, you’ll simply find your quality score to go down in every stage.

Adhere to Baidu’s Advertising Conformity

The legal rules of Baidu advertising are continually changing according to Chinese advertisement laws guidelines since 2015. Sticking to the standard of high-quality adjectives, trademark terms by Baidu help you not to harm quality score of your account. So, ensure to stay away from the keywords that are banned by Baidu or eliminated ad copy, can be found in Baidu Phoenix Nest.

Keywords Quality Score

In order to enhance the quality score of keywords rank, it’s always imperative to maintain the relevance of keywords as well as ad copy which facilitates to increase CTR. And for this, Baidu is outfitted with a selection of features. With your agency in China; you can effectively increase the quality score of your keywords backed by the effective utilization of those features.

The wildcard in Ad Copy/Templates and Dynamic Keywords Insertion

Baidu SEM ( ) recommends its advertiser to employ the use of Wildcard, Insertion of dynamic keywords based by which the keywords used in the ads can display them in ad copy templates. And, this is how the keywords activated in the ad will get displayed both in the tagline and thereby will improve quality score of your keyword.

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