Four Significant Advantages of Dental Implants

Compared to conventional dental replacement options, implants provide a range of benefits that can seldom be undermined. Your natural teeth offer support and shape to your facial structure and loss of teeth causes your facial structure to change and sag. This makes you appear older than your actual age. Implants are the perfect teeth replacement solutions that provide support and help to retain the structure of your face.

Why are Dental Implants a Popular Choice?

Permanent solution

Dental implants are designed to last for a lifetime unlike the other tooth replacement options, which need to be replaced periodically. With proper and regular care, implants are known to remain intact for a long time. It is perhaps one of the most reliable and durable teeth replacement options available in modern dentistry.

Improved comfort and natural appearance

Most people prefer dental implants in McLean ( www.mcleanhealthysmiles/implants ) as it offers a natural appearance. It also functions and feels like your natural teeth. Apart from that, there is hardly any need to worry about slippage while talking or eating as implants are fixed permanently to the jawline. It is therefore comfortable and convenient while chewing food, which is otherwise quite difficult.

Improved self-esteem and oral health

As implants are available in a range of sizes and shapes, it is easy to find one that blends well with the rest of your teeth. Dental implants are designed to match with the color of your adjacent teeth, and so it appears completely natural and fits perfectly in the gaps. It is difficult to differentiate between your natural teeth and implants, allowing you to smile confidently. With dental implants, there is hardly any need to alter or reduce the adjacent teeth, which helps in ensuring long-term oral health. It also helps to prevent loss of bone mass in your jaws by restoring the structure.

Supports adjacent teeth and restores your bite

The teeth in your mouth tend to shift positions when there is a gap caused by a missing tooth. This can cause misalignment and affect the appearance of your smile. Implants fill the gap, retain the shape of teeth, and support it. Dentists use a titanium post, which is screwed into the jaw to replace the root of your missing tooth. Implants ensure that you can bite with the same force as you would with your natural teeth. Some of the other tooth replacement options such as dentures simply sit on top of the gums and seldom provide a strong bite force.

Dental implants are easy to care and maintain, as it hardly requires any special kind of floss, brush, or toothpaste. Moreover, it is made of ceramic material, which seldom decays. Dental implants in McLean ( ) provide long-term value with an aesthetic appeal that is worth considering if you require permanent tooth replacement.

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