Tips to Make Your Search Engine Marketing in China a Real Success

Whereas the Chinese digital market has been dominated by Baidu, the largest Chinese search engine and an advertisement platform, for foreign enterprises to get started with Search engine marketing in China ( www.adstochina.westwin/Search-Engine-Marketing ), there’s no alternative to Baidu. With a consistent market share@ 76% as per the latest survey, and displaying more than 660K + websites, to Western business groups, Baidu is as cherished as Google in the West. Importantly, people need to know that Google, which has omnipresence in the Western globe, it has been banned in China with the Great Farewell of China and moreover, when it comes to your Chinese audience, you require being visible on Baidu to get the real value of your advertisement equally in paid searches (PPC) as well as organic search results to enhance your corporate identity, brand awareness, and your legality to over 1 billion-plus searcher of Baidu.

Thereby, when it comes to search engine marketing in China or your SEM, you will find your paid advertisements (PPC campaigns) to thrive alongside the SERPs, and online ads in China. Working equivalent to Google AdWords, advertisers in China can attain 100% performance of their business ads with competitive bid prices depending on their quality score as estimated by Baidu as well as higher ranking and success. In order to continue having a steady Baidu SEM success, consider the following points with diligence:

Go with Most Relevant Keywords

First of all, it’s highly recommended that you should be backed by SEO experts in China who practically do everything from enrolling you in Baidu with the complication of all official formalities and equally prepare your website and add pages meaningfully interpreted in Chinese language without which you simply can never display your website or advertisement in Baidu. Note carefully that Baidu’s business policies are quite complex especially for foreign companies, which is why hiring Chinese digital agency should be your priority. In the drive of your search engine marketing in China ( ), they understand your business type, products and services and accordingly find the most productive keyword which is an essential part of your Baidu SEM success.

Incorporate Baidu Shangqiao

Consider using the popular QQ chatting tool available with Baidu Shangqiao. Baidu Shangqiao is brilliantly designed for users of Baidu SEM and helps get profuse advantages such as online social games, listening to music, sending microblogging, viewing movies, and having a group chat that automatically boosts increased drive to your PPC ad page. Equally, with this great tool users can get through real-time customer support; share their experience, make queries and more. With this increased customer communication, your business gets a higher CRT rate that helps increase quality score and thus get less bidding price advantage. Shangqiao is quite user-friendly and efficient, too which is offered as a free service. The friendly channel influences significantly its users experience about your company and thereby boosts the worth of your ad page in Baidu SEM.

Get Your Business Ads Displayed on the Left Side

Aside from influencing on your bidding price, businesses that earn higher quality scores are given special privilege to let their Ads appear on the left side of the page, while those with a lower score typically get positioned on the right side of it. In general, the top five ads displayed on the left part and top 2 on the right side get more traffic or visitors than that those appears on the left part. It is where your SEO expert can do the needful to let your ad display on the left position for your SEM success.

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