Percussion Massager: All That You Wanted to Know

In general, percussion massage therapy has been proved beneficial to everyone in their everyday life. While it offers amazing benefits to sportspeople. Equally, it can help in recovering people from their injuries and professionals who typically work for extended hours in sitting position in their workplace and suffer from irritating back pain, neck and spinal column aches, and soreness.

Outfitted with state-of-the-art features, percussion massager ( ) is designed as a handheld mechanism, which can not only relax your tensed inflexible muscles or alleviate neck pain; however, it help you attain the benefits of improved blood circulation and oxygen supply throughout the body within a few minutes. Aside from offering pre-competition warm up-up, athletes can effectively reduce their post-workout cramps, muscle soreness and speed up their physical ability and fitness.

Key Features of Percussion Massager

•  With a compact, ergonomic design and multiple attachments, the massage gun is designed extremely powerful than most vibration message devices available in the market.

•  Compared to average vibration massagers, percussion massager offers variable speeds as high as 2600 RMP’s that helps recover damaged tissues, alleviates muscle pain.

•  Fitted with auto feature facility, the portable device enables you to massage yourself with or without holding its trigger positioned downward and comes with high quality long lasting sealed batteries.

How Does It Work?

With a modified jigsaw model, a percussion massager functions with variable motors and a thick ball made of foam attached on the side. The foam ball continues hitting the target muscle while spinning in back-and-forth motion@ 32-40 times/second repeatedly and penetrate deeper tissues, thus makes you feel relaxing in a much superior and scientific way than what you can achieve with your own hands. Depending on the criticality of the soreness, you can adjust frequencies of its motor speed and attain extreme comfort and relief.

Top Advantaging Areas

Medical Applications

The use of a percussive massage devices is increasing day by day in major to medium medical facilities. Doctors and trained nurses use them to treat patients for post-surgery treatment, as it’s acknowledged to heal the internal scar. While enhancing lymphatic internal scar tissue and venous circulation, it also relaxes muscles, facia, and its allied parts and prevents future occurrence of muscle spasms.

Enhanced Athletic Competence

Operational with the massaging device, global class sports trainers prevent and treat muscle damage and cramping that professional athletes come across quite often. Percussion massage is empowered to generate 30 times more powerful contractions and spasm of muscles while improving the muscle potency and recovery period, it enables athletes to perform superior with increased body fitness. The procedure improves blood circulation, reduces muscle pain and fatigue enabling sportsmen to perform for a longer period with more frequency.

Wellness Benefits

The mechanism offers overall health and prolific wellness benefits ranging from lessening hypertension, blood pressure, toxins, and muscle pains. It helps improve immunity, sleep pattern, digestive system order and thereby brings balance in our autonomic nervous system and offers the quality of life.

Pain Management

One of the biggest advantages of using a percussion message ( ) healing device is that it relieves pain and muscle spasm without having to use drugs. Similarly, with the steady improvement of blood and oxygen supply, it promotes relief to deep tissues and reduces anxiety, stress, and fatigue.

Absolute Rehabilitation

This kind of massage therapy accelerates the healing process after having major surgery, disease, and trauma. For those who cannot attend physical therapy as well as patients with partial or overall paralysis can be equally beneficial from the massaging device to stimulate their affected muscles and nervous systems.

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