Tattoo Removal Methods other than Laser

Whether for the bad technique, the name of your ex, or various reasons, people tend to change their minds about a specific tattoo that was once loved. Tattoos are not only a way of expressing yourself, but in some cultures, they are a rite of passage. Tattoo removal is painful and costly, depending on the age and size of the tattoo itself and not everyone has the money to consult a professional. Fortunately, there are methods for tattoo removal without laser ( ) that will remove the tattoo fully or can lighten it.


The skin is scraped from the tattoo for removing the pigmentation. Depending on the size, the cost for the dermabrasion tattoo removal technique can cost over 1k dollars.

When doing at home, take a warm cloth and moisten the area. If there is moist enough, it will stay on its own. With the cloth, rub the salt onto the skin. After some time, the air turns raw and bleeding starts. Now wash the salt quickly and soak a fresh cloth in hydrogen peroxide. Dab the affected area for preventing infection. With vitamin E oil, rub the area and then cover with a medical gauze until a scab is formed. When the scab starts falling, the ink will become lighter, and you can repeat the process when necessary.

Vitamin E oil helps to speed up the healing process and reduces scar tissue, inflammation, and pain. The ground salt act as an exfoliating agent for removing several skin layers when it is combined with water and rubbed onto the skin area. Hydrogen peroxide helps to prevent infection and is a crucial factor if you want to do this method at home.

Chemical Peel

Mix equal amounts of natural aloe vera gel, vitamin E oil, and apricot scrub. With the help of a q-tip, dab this mixture onto the tattooed portion is circular motion. Allow it to soak for five minutes and wash off with cold water. Repeat the process four times daily for a month, and the ink will start to fade. Depending on the age, size of the tattoo and the brightness of colors, this method for tattoo removal without laser takes a longer time than other methods.

A traditional chemical peel is made of glycolic acid or TCA. It is a controlled chemical burn that helps you to get rid of skin pigmentation and take weeks to months for tattoo removal ( ). This is very effective with the side effects most itching and numbness at the site of the peel. This is a lengthy process, but many have experienced good results with a professional chemical peel.

Abrasive Scrubs

This technique is applicable for those who can tolerate intense pain. It is effective as well as painful and causes scarring. Mix a decent amount of sanding powder and aloe vera carbamide peroxide gel and apply this solution to the tattooed area. Rub the area gently with a pumice stone for a minute.

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