Best Bottles for Colic – The Things You Should Take Into Consideration

According to the findings of the American Academy of Family Physicians that it’s nearly 10-40% of newborns suffer from stomach pain. So, if your newborn often cries during the night in some strange pain, never panic! Your child is most possibly having colic that can be stopped simply by changing his/her fitting bottle with the best bottles for colic ( ). Let us understand what actually happens.

Initially, due to the abundance of your breast milk, it flows very forcefully and quickly while your baby may have to gulp it quickly. And during swallowing, it may be consuming lots of air bubbles which gets trapped in the stomach/intestine and leads to stomach or colic pain.  Secondly, with an excess supply of breast milk, usually, your baby gets too much foremilk, which is thinner and flows at the beginning of the feeding. It contains more lactose. As you continue feeding, the milk turns to rather creamier, and this milk-fed at the end of the session is called hindmilk, which mainly contains more fats and less amount of lactose. If the baby gets filled with foremilk before getting hindmilk, this causes foremilk- hindmilk imbalance. Feeding the baby with two much foremilk generally causes gas and causes symptoms of colic.

To prevent this, you are recommended to squeeze your breasts and discard some part of foremilk,, and then you can continue feeding your baby. However bottle feeding appears more consistent if you need to go for formula milk due to lack of breast milk, consider using high quality best bottles for colic. Similarly, you can pour your breast milk by pressing nipples and take them into wide-neck bottles and feed your baby.

Bottle Type

Stick to bottles made of silicon, glass, or stainless steel or high-quality plastics, while silicon is always the best choice that you get in best bottles for colic prevention. Let us see the characteristics of these bottle types

•  Glass is rather heavy, and it is BPA-free, but every prone to break any time. Equally, glass bottles are expensive.

•  When it comes to silicon bottles, they are lightweight, unbreakable, very soft and BPA-free, and also but bit expensive than glass.

•  Stainless steel is equally light, BPA-free, unbreakable, and lasts for a prolonged period. But similar to silicon bottles, they are also expensive, and to avoid the difficulty of getting silicon or stainless from chemists shop or stores, it is a good choice to go for online best bottles for colic ( ).

Bottle shape

Opposed to traditional sets, these days, bottles for newborns are found in an extended variety of shapes, which are designed based on various medical researches and found to be easier for babies and new moms to grip them with no hassle. With an ergonomic design, they are made more scientific to prevent your baby from gulp air that often causes colic pain. Check online and go for bottles that are wide necks and easier to hold and easy portable.

Venting systems

Find bottles that are having a straw-like elements inside the bottle and fitting to its cap that are experienced helping to prevent colic.  Also, many bottles come with different venting systems as in-built with its nipples, however, among all of them, the most innovative one which can amazingly diminish air bubbles is the venting mechanism found in best bottles for Colic.

They are located at the base of the bottle and operate by USB rechargeable batteries. Whether you feed the baby with milk formulate with other nutrients or breast milk, put them into the bottle and press the button found on the body of the bottle. And see how amazing the vent cum blender spins powerfully and mix your baby’s meal without creating any air bubbles that always cause foam when done by shaking.

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