What are the Best Tattoo Removal Methods?

Sporting a tattoo is a good idea for expressing your identity. But due to unexpected circumstances, you need to remove your once precious and adorable tattoo. In this guide, we will be discussing various methods so that you can choose the best tattoo removal near me ( ). The effectiveness of any tattoo removal depends on various factors like the skin color, size and color of the tattoo, the ink used, which place the tattoo was inked, and whether inked on sensitive areas like on eyes as it will be difficult to remove and may harm to your eyes.

Methods for removing your tattoo

Laser Removal

You believe it or not, laser tattoo removal is the most effective and the best method of all the other methods. During the treatment, a highly concentrated light is passed through the skin that focuses on tattoo particles and ultimately breaks the ink into fragmented parts. Later they get removed through your immune system. The treatment is painful and quite expensive. The only downside of this method is its cost, and you need to spend 200 to 800 dollars each session for your treatment. And the fact is a total of six to ten sessions are required for completely removing the tattoo. The hot laser light causes swelling, blistering and itching on your skin, and you need a minimum of 1 to 2 months rest before heading towards the next session.


This method is one of the most traditional and the oldest one for removing the tattoo. A little bit of grainy salt is used for the scrubbing the skin’s second layer where the ink is being placed. However, before reaching the second layer, the topmost layer needs to be peeled off, and it is a painful process and causes injuries. It is not recommended to not opt for this method as scrubbing the skin tissue with salt causes bleeding and causes skin infection.

Intense Pulse Light Therapy

This method is another best tattoo removal near me ( ) as your tattoo is removed by using a broad-spectrum light. The light helps to remove the upper layer, and the ink is broken down into small particles and then they are dissolved in the main bloodstream, and ultimately, the tattoo gets removed. But keep in mind this procedure can lead to skin scars and change the skin color forever. Generally, this method is applicable for large tattoos as it emits large pulses. This treatment is less expensive than the laser method.


The method is used for removing the cancer cell but also use to remove tattoos. Your tattooed area is exposed to liquid nitrogen that is an extremely cold freezing agent. The frozen area is then exfoliated with any scrubber for removing the tattoo. Anesthesia is used as it is a quite painful procedure. You may have a permanent scar on the skin. Not recommended to those having soft and sensitive skin. This method is quite cheaper but not provides effective results.

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