Burial Insurance in Texas and Its Advantages

In order to ensure the financial wellbeing of your family after your death, having burial insurance is a great option for you. Typically, it’s a genus promoted by life insurance and designed to take care of costs related to your death. After your death, life insurance pays your beneficiaries with the benefits right away which they can use toward your funeral and also meeting the final expenses related to your debts, clearing outstanding bills and legal expenses etc.

Burial insurance in Texas ( ) is ideally a unique way to lessen pressure on your family loved, just similar to your general life insurance. Planning for funeral expenses ahead of time is truly a smart choice and by doing so, you can save your family loved both in terms of arranging money and in decision making specially in an emotional period. Thankfully, when it comes to making your funeral plan, you can consider a preneed and a final expense plan.

Preneed insurance

With the increase of cost-related funeral expenses averaging between $8000 and $12,000, many individuals consider buying a preneed plan. This can be directly purchased from the funeral home of your choice while keeping them as the beneficiary of the policy. On your death, as the policy is enacted, the funeral home performs the arrangements as specified in your policy.

Final expense policies

A final expense policy should be bought from burial insurance in Texas, keeping someone of your family as the beneficiary. The money can be used for funeral apart from paying unpaid medical bills, transportation of your family members and other expenses.

How it works

Burial insurance policy can be issued to an individual aging 50+;

Cash benefits go directly to the beneficiary as stated in the policy;

One can buy burial insurance paying as little as $10. Depending on your current health condition, your age and the type of policy you choose, the insurance company will specify the actual premium amount; 

Premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly, as per your convenience;

The premium amount will not increase until you become 100 years;

Burial Insurance for seniors

Even at the age of 85, if you don’t suffer from any major health issues, burial insurance in Texas is prepared to offer you eligibility for applying a burial insurance policy. Accordingly, you find the insurance company and get a policy according to while customizing the class of your funeral desire.


•  Burial insurance doesn’t require individuals to submit medical test reports along with their policies.

•  Blood and urine tests are not important for you interested in buying burial insurance.

•  Beneficiaries get the payout money immediately on your passing away and submission of the death certificate.

•  For those interested to customize the category of their burial program are required to instruct the same to the insurance company and mention them in their policies. Depending on the type of rituals expected you, the premium amount may vary.

•  Since the burial insurance in Texas ( ) is involved and takes care of your burial plans and its customs, there is no question of any family drama.

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