How to Choose a Percussion Massager for Pain Relief and Recovery

As our lives have become so hectic, we do not have enough time for exercise. Sitting at desks for a long time, and peering at our phones has led to the destruction of our back. Over fifty percent of the population has muscular pain and chronic back problems, but every one of us cannot afford daily visits to a professional masseuse or chiropractor. That is why it is worth investing in the best percussion massager ( ). Let us discuss some key points on what to look for when purchasing percussion massager.

The handle shape and the power supply

The main feature of the massager is to fit easily in your hands. The curvature of the handle is crucial as it should fit easily into your palm and not slip while using it on your back. However, you should know how to properly steer the massagers that are having straight handles. Obviously, the ones with ridges or grippers along the handles are better to use as they have very fewer chances of slipping out of your hands.

Another important benefit is the power supply. The percussion massagers can be operated using both on batteries and electricity. You can plug the massager and operate on your body. Similarly, you can carry the massager anywhere, and by putting some good batteries, you are ready to massage your body.

Adjust-ability, speed, and versatility

The best percussion massager always has varying speeds so that it has the options for controlling the massage settings that you want. The different speed settings ensure the versatility of the massager as when operating at high-speed setting, you can able to use at specific parts of the body and also when operating at a low-speed setting, you can use anywhere on your body.

One of the biggest benefits of percussion massager ( ) is its versatility. When looking for a massager, please pick one that works on vibration technology and can work on different parts of the body like legs, necks, and arms apart from your back.

The type of message you need and additional attachments

It is important to know that different muscular problems require various kinds of massaging methods so that you can get relief from pain. For example, chronic muscular or long term pain requires you to use a handheld back massager that focuses on your deep tissues and operates on percussive technology. Now, if you want to get relief from temporary muscular pain, then it is best to buy a massager that operates on vibration technology.

The last thing you should check is if, with the massager. They are available in different sizes and shapes and are specially designed for hitting different muscles for different pain levels. These additional attachments help in customizing the massager according to your requirements. So, when you are buying, ensure the massager has a minimum of 5 different extra attachments along with the machine.

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